Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

Hello to March this week, Goodbye to February!

Hello to Angry Kid doing “chores” without being asked. Last week it was closet organizing and toilet scrubbing. This past weekend, he brought in the trash without being asked, because it was blocking my car.

The kid brought in the trash cans this morning without me asking. He saw that the trash peeps had already been by & that the cans were blocking my car.

Hello to feeling like a kid again and wearing my favorite shoes.

What? You don’t have Asics with Hello Kitty on them?

I am freeeee from work! Yippee! Time to put on some @Sanrio Asics that I heart! #shoes #febphotoaday

Hello to Angry Kid refusing pictures.
This is nothing new. This is what happens when your mom is a blogger.

This would be the "STOP taking pictures of me" pose @WahoosFishTacos
Hello 24 Hour Fitness.
Hello treadmill and Oscars on the TV.
I figured I was watching The Oscars on my couch, why not workout while still watching the show.

Me, The Gym, and The Oscars.

Hello, how do I even survive the weekends?

I work on Saturday, after we had soccer. Yep, our last AYSO game for the Winter Season.

Hello to sleeping in on Saturdays.

A busy week ahead.

Two trips to LAX, the airport, within one week.

Rain today.

Will I survive the last week of February?

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who has CRAZY BUSY weekends, and is way too busy to blog lately?

I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard and her Hello Monday Series.


First of all, YAY for having a kid who is a "thinker" about things like the trash can blocking your car! And second, OMG ... March is this week?!?!?! Hope your week is terrific :)

Mary Trunk
Mary Trunk

Weekends? What are those? Only children in grades one through 12 know what those are, I think. Hope your week is great!

Alyson @EisleyRae
Alyson @EisleyRae

TWO trips to LAX? I feel for you already. Tough. But, yay for a kid who does chores w/out being asked. That's the best! Super cute shoes!! Happy Monday (night)!