Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Wishing Everyone A Happy Valentine’s Day Today!

Most Eligible Bachelor! Happy Valentine's Day from Angry Kid! #febphoto366 #valentinesday

I volunteered in Angry Kid’s class today. We split the 1st graders into three different groups. They each had a project to do. Our project was sewing this puppy puppet with yarn. It was super complicated for the kids to figure out so most of the puppets were sewn by the moms. I thought it was super cute though.

Angry Kid's Valentine's Cards are all done! Very fishy! Thanks @Pinterest!
We chose to do these Fish Bowl Valentine’s from PBJandJ which I found through Pinterest and Etsy.  I wonder how many other moms did Valentine’s Day Cards via a blog or Pinterest idea? I gave Angry Kid several options and he picked these. I just had to figure out how many Swedish Fish to buy. Seriously, it required a mathematical equation for Swedish Fish. Luckily Target had a 1.9 Lb. bag.

Hope Your Day is Great! Don’t Eat Too Much Chocolate!

Nancy at Spinning My Plates
Nancy at Spinning My Plates

LOVE these! I'm totally pinning these so I can try and remember to do them next year. How long did it take to cut all of the papers out?


Those valentines are too cute!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

My husband and I both worked on cutting them out at the same time. He used a X-Acto knife while I used scissors.It didn't take too long. Maybe an hour? My biggest hassle with printing them out. We have our color printer set-up on Wifi and it keeping printing out lines in the water part. I think something gets loss when it is wired like that. So I finally put the printable on a thumb drive and inserted it directly into the printer and printed it on Landscape size, with color photo paper. Everything came together after that. The plastic bags came with those wire twist ties. I was a total perfectionist and used Baker's Twine to tie the bags.

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