Hello Monday

Hello Monday.

Hello to blogging friend, Janice from 5 Minutes For Mom, crashing at the Angry House this weekend.

Hello to a hilarious Skype session with Janice and her identical twin sister, Susan.

Hello to Medieval Times and their new show.

Medieval Times. Buena Park, CA

Hello to Janice enjoying her first show at Medieval Times while eating her food with no utensils.

Hello to memories of my 30th Birthday Party, my last time that I went to Medieval Times. I actually remembered to take an allergy pill before going this time. I think this is the only blogging event where I have take medication prior.  Angry Julie and horses are not a good combo, but I was perfectly fine.

It is jersey day at school. He chose a USC Jersey, of course! #FightOn

Hello to “Jersey Day” at Angry Kid’s school.

Jersey of choice? USC, of course!

Too busy to blog because I've been crafting after work at night. Making bunting and tissue pom pom balls for a baby shower. cc: @tiffanyromHello to Tissue Paper Pom Poms (15 of them), and Pink and Green Bunting.

I made all of this wonderfulness for Tiffany’s sister’s baby shower, which I couldn’t attend, unfortunately.

Hello to 30 minute drive to take Tiffany these decorations.

Quick conversations with Tiffany in a Carl’s Jr., sums up hours of stories, emails, and tweets from Twitter. Sadness that Tiffany and I don’t live closer.

Eating lunch with @momfluential @mimis_cafe. #gored #reddress

Hello to totally unplanned and spontaneous lunch with Ciaran at Mimi’s Cafe.

Join Mimi’s Cafe in their Go Red Campaign to Fight Heart Disease.

My living room was a video studio today for @RobertEvans and Janice from @5minutesformom while they discussed photography.

Hello to Janice Croze and Robert Evans using my family room as a video studio.

Hello to Angry Kid being quiet as a mouse while they did their videos.

Flamingos at CHA Show
Hello to editing photos from the CHA Show.

Hello to feathery and furry flamingos. Ya know, Flamingo is the new black!

Hello to Angry Kid’s soccer game. Hello to 1st and 2nd grade sweaty stinky boys.

Hello to finding out that Janice has an obsession with cereal. I will never look at bran cereal the same again.

Sunday, @RubysDiner, Foam 3-D Football Player...This is how we do it in The OC.

Hello to 3-D Foam Football figure at Ruby’s Diner.

Hello to Angry Kid assembling it himself. And also clearing the table off so that I could take a photo for Instagram.

Angry Kid is well trained, and a great assistant to my iPhone-ography.

Hello to getting Janice to the airport with an hour to spare. Goodbye to my Canadian Skinny version of me. Very odd hanging out with someone so ADD like myself for a weekend.

At Superbowl get together. Husband made our signature dish all by himself. Fruit and white goo. 8 oz. of cream cheese mixed with a jar of marshmallow fluff. His friends are all hooked.

Hello to Fruit and White Goo.

White Goo = 8 oz. of cream cheese plus a jar of marshmallow fluff, mixed together. You will thank me later, I promise.

Hello to Super Bowl and disappointing commercials.

Hello to Half-Time Show with Madonna.

General Observation: We liked the graphic floor display that was going on during half-time.


Goodbye Janice.

Goodbye Football.

Hello Monday.

Hello Work Week.

I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard and her Hello Monday Series.