One Mile Penguin Waddle

Angry Kid did the Surf City Kid’s Run in July. After that race, he was pretty excited to do another. We had soccer all Fall, so he didn’t have the opportunity to do any kid’s races.  After speaking with Danica via Twitter, I signed him up for the One Mile Penguin Waddle, which was the Kid’s Run in conjunction with the Holiday Half.

Angry Husband and I got him all prepped and ready to run the race.  We got to the event a little early and picked up his number. We pinned on his number and headed to the starting area.

Before the Penguin WaddleWe had to wait a bit since they had the kid’s runs split up between different age groups. Having the kid’s runs split up made a ton of sense. Otherwise, it would have been chaos.

Holiday Half Marathon BannerI kind of loved the start line banner. It was so bright and festive. The kids were running without adults, so they had all of the kids line up early.  It was cute to see all of them ready.

Start of Race: Penguin Waddle 7-and-underAnd then they were off, the kids bolted out from the start line. I took about ten photos of them running at the beginning. I finally found one with Angry Kid. I have an green arrow pointing to him in the picture.

The Start of the Penguin WaddleSince the run was only one mile, it went pretty fast. Angry Kid ran in the 7-and-under group. Even though the kids were seven years old and under, they were fast. There were some fast little tykes in the group. A large group had come through, and we kept looking for Angry Kid. I kept thinking, “did he get lost”? Finally, he came to the end of the start line, trotting along.

Finishing the Penguin RaceAfter he made it through the finish line, we saw that both of his shoes were untied. Go figure. Angry Kid is very stubborn and refuses to properly learn how to tie his shoes. I’m sure that this was part of the reason on why he was going so slow. I also think that he was a little freaked out by us not running with him. My friend, Monique, ran along with Angry Kid during the Surf City Run. I guess we need to work on that running. I am saying, “We”, because I need to work on my running too. I’m such a slacker lately.

Penguin Race FinisherI love that penguin medal. Isn’t it cute!! Angry Kid looks so proud with that medal around his neck. He looks quite adorable in his Holiday Colored Running Gear.

I’m trying to play catch-up with some Holiday events that we’ve participated in lately. There are soo many things to do during December. Angry Kid is on vacation from school for two weeks now. I’m trying to arrange to activities to keep him entertained. Wish me luck!


a certain other 1st grader I know wont tie his shoes either. grrrrr...


Love the recap and glad I got to see you out there. Glad no one was harmed during the Penguin run! :)