The Surprises of Motherhood

I learn something new every day about Motherhood. Sometimes, it is good things, and sometimes there are bad things. But there are a ton of surprises.

For the past month, I have been a Community Leader for the Million Moms Challenge. I have learned some great things from the blog posts, and discussions within the community. Hey, even I started a few discussions about vaccinations, nutrition, healthcare, holiday traditions, photography during pregnancy, and even that little trend of Elf on the Shelf.

For my last discussion, I am talking about “The Surprises of Motherhood”.

Angry Kid reading to a friend

I took this photo today of Angry Kid reading to my friend’s son, whom is four. Isn’t it precious? I think so.

Please join me in the conversation over at The Million Moms Challenge Community, about my Surprise of Not Knowing That Angry Kid Could READ.


Very cute! I love it!