Turkeys Go Wild

Happy Thanksgiving!

New video series in pre-production: Turkeys Go Wild.
I worked during the day today. It went very slow. I came home and dinner was almost ready. Hello perfection. No fighting in the kitchen. No trips to the grocery store. I sat down and was immediately served food. My husband even did the dishes…frightening…

Angry Kid did some drawing and art last night. These umm turkeys have some bright tail feathers. I can totally see the next popular videos series, “Turkeys Go Wild”, which will be the animal version of “Girls Gone Wild”. I think we’ve got a hit on our hands.

I hope everyone had a good day.

I “think” my mom and I might be heading to Macy’s at midnight. Yes, we are crazy! But after our dinner tonight, I decided that I need to ditch my burgundy Fiestaware plates. As Julie says, “Peace out burgundy. You mess up the whole vibe.”


Kate made turkey "placemats" for each of our spots at the table. These silly turkey kids of ours!


Happy Thanksgiving. I've decided NOT to do the Black Friday jag. I'm kind of Cyber Monday kind of gal. Good luck!