Million Moms Challenge Community Leader

For the past two months, I’ve participated in the Million Moms Challenge by contributing stories about my pregnancy and seeing my son for the first time.  I really made a connection with all of the moms and family members of people who experienced hyperemesis. I also told the story of seeing my son for the first time in the NICU, and what a process it was to see him. Because of my participation and great reception, I was asked to be a Community Leader for the Million Moms Challenge for the next month.

Please join me in their Community for conversation and what not….

We, well me and the rest of the contributors for the Million Moms Community, would really love  you to join in the Million Moms Challenge by signing up for free here.  If 100,000 mothers join, then Johnson & Johnson will donate $100,000 to charities that help mothers and babies around the world.   We haven’t made that goal yet and time is running out.  Please join us, and in the meantime let me know what you do to raise emotionally healthy children!

And don’t forget to stop by our community!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation/campaign via The Blog Frog and the Million Moms Challenge.  I was compensated for this. Obviously, I am a woman and a mother. I care about these issues.