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Have you ever shot a video with your phone or portable video camera, and wanted to send it to someone privately? I know that if I take any video footage on my iPhone over a certain amount, I can’t text or email it out.  I usually end uploading to a public video site, and marking it private.

Angry Husband’s family does not live locally, and then mostly check my blog for updates and information on my son, and our family. Obviously, I don’t post everything that is going on in our life, here. It would be nice to just email friends and family our silly and/or funny videos without having the world to see.

givit Logo

I recently heard about Ironically, I saw a link to the site on a Facebook Friend’s wall.  She isn’t even a blogger, shocking!

What is

Givit is a friendly service that lets you share videos privately with only those you choose. Share videos easily with friends and family members at, their desktop application, and—coming soon!—mobile apps.

How does video sharing work with Givit?

Givit makes it super easy to share your videos privately. To share a video at, upload a new video or drag and drop one already in your account onto the Add a Video panel. Add your recipients, a quick message, and decide whether you recipients to be able to re-share your video or not. Then hit Send! Once the share is complete, you can add or remove recipients. 

Givit Instructions

Why do the people I share with have to sign up on to see my videos?

Givit’s focus is making video sharing as easy as possible — but they also need to protect your privacy and keep your content secure. For this reason, they require viewers to register before they can view a video. They want to make sure the person viewing your video is really the intended recipient.

Is there a mobile or iPhone App for

They are working on super-smooth apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. They’re looking great but are not quite done yet — they’ll let you know as soon as they are!

The best part of…is it is FREE!!!

I tested out Givit by sending my husband a test video. He received the video and signed up for an account to view it. He was impressed. He usually rolls his eyes at some of the things that I send him.

We both agree that being able to use Givit with an app will be a great addition for video sharing when it is available. I’m going to keep checking until I see the Givit App in the Apple Store.

Plus, Angry Kid is getting into video also. So this will be a fun way to share all of his video footage with everyone.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post as part of a campaign with 5 Minutes For Mom. My opinions in this post are all mine. The photos are courtesy of