Project 365: Week 45

I’m trying something a little different with my Project 365 pictures this week. I’m bored, and I thought I would switch it up a little, so I did some collages. My life consists of reading Twilight novels the past week or so, and my son’s homework, as usual. Oh, and of course, I’m starting to panic about the Holidays.

Project 354 Week 45 Part. 1

Day 309. BBQ Chicken salad at Panera with a side of New Moon. Day 310. Angry Kid making marble mazes with a friend on a rainy Sunday. Day 311. Volunteering at the school book fair. I wanted to buy everything. Day 312. A trip to the dentist for Angry Kid. Ironically he picked vampire fangs from the toy chest.

Project 365 Week 45 Part 2.

Day 313. My best friend and I were comparing our kid’s spelling lists for the week. Her daughter is in a Spanish immersion school. Day 314. Reading Breaking Dawn, of course. Almost done with the Twilight Saga. Day 315. Dinner at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, and I was reading Breaking Dawn still.