Magic Moments

We have four computers in our house, two Macs and two PC’s, three iPhones, and two DSLR cameras.  You can imagine the amount of pictures that we have stored.  But they are all moments that document our lives.

We’ve had some firsts this summer.  Even though we haven’t traveled the world, with some local day trips and excursions, we’ve had a blast.

Project 365 220/365: Angry Kid on the climbing wall at camp today. He had an awesome day! Thanks @TiffanyRom

A few weeks ago, I drove my son to a friend’s day camp in Los Angeles.  It was well worth the drive.  He had a blast, and at the end of the day, he climbed a rock wall. This kid has NO FEAR.

Angry Kid and friend paddling along the lake

Today, Angry Kid and his friend, Mehley, had an unexpected adventure on a kayak. It was pretty funny. All of the moms thought that they would have to be brought in by the bigger boat. But they made it back. And then they hopped on a paddle boat. I could only imagine the conversations going on between them.  It was hilarious trying to watch them at the beginning when they were near the dock. Of course, I was standing on the edge of the dock with my iPhone, taking numerous pictures.

As I mentioned before, we have tons of photographs. When I look for photographs for blog posts, etc., I usually have to check iPhoto, Flickr, Shutterfly, Facebook, and my husband’s PC for the photographs. We have them stored multiple times on these different devices, and websites.

I recently found out that I can store all of these photos online, in one place, with a simple login to view them.  I was introduced to ThisLife, a photo and video solution for people whose Moments are scattered across their phones, desktops, photo websites, and social services.


I recently uploaded some photographs that I took at the Orange County Fair to ThisLife.  I’m always jumping between computers and I still need to edit many of these pictures. Let’s just say, that I am a little behind. I love how they were all organized in chronological order.

ThisLife makes organizing your digital moments easier.  Introducing ThisLife, the Magic Box that gathers, improves and organizes your photos/videos for you in a chronological timeline while keeping them all safely stored in the cloud. As ThisLife says, “go ahead and cross “organize photos” off your to-do list…we’ve got you covered.”

You’ve got to try this service out. It is awesome. ThisLife is offering my readers 6 months of free Adventure Box service, which allows you to store up to 20,000 photos.

Disclosure: ThisLife sponsored my story today. I received compensation and a free trial service in exchange for telling my story. Go check out the ThisLife free trial today
Lolli @ Better in Bulk
Lolli @ Better in Bulk

THis is something I need! As a person (photographer) who takes thousands of pictures a month, I always worry about losing my photos. And don't get me started on organizing!


That's one cool climbing wall!