Guest Post on Mom*Tog

What? Why are you here? Did you think that there would be something interesting to read here today? Well there’s not! Go and enjoy summer and the sun.  I don’t want to hear the complaints during wintertime about the snow, etc. Ok, I’m totally kidding. Of course, I have some of my usual awesomeness for you to read.

Today, I’m over at Mom*tog posting about “Your Best Camera”DrewB, a fabulous local photographer, and owner of Mom*tog is enjoying herself in Maui and I’m trying not to be jealous. Seriously, Drew needs to stop posting fabulous photos on Twitter!

Mom*Tog - For moms who love digital photography

So go on….head on over to Mom*tog so you can learn a little about taking photographs.  Find out about my specialty.


You're just too cool. Glad I already follow momtog :)