Ten Ways To Pay It Forward When Blogging

I joined in on a fun discussion on Twitter yesterday.  Every Monday at 1pm PST, Crafterminds has a chat with a specific topic. Yesterday’s topic was “Promoting Other People”.  I think that I spend a fair amount of time promoting other bloggers.  I have a “Pay It Forward” philosophy on blogging.  If I promote other people, then they will promote me in the future.  I have received more blog traffic and invitations to special events via other bloggers, because I have helped promote others.  We all can’t be narcissists in the blogging world.

Source: Joy’s Hope


I’ve listed TEN (10) ways that you can pay it forward, or help promote other bloggers.

1.  Commenting on Blogs

I make an effort to comment on at least ten blogs a day.  Some days I get a little busy and I just don’t have time.  I might add a few more blog comments on days when I’m less busy. Who am I kidding? I am always busy, but I make the time and effort to do so.  I use Google Reader to read and subscribe to blogs.  Although I might not comment on the day something was posted, I sometimes “star” posts to go back and comment later.  I have actually commented on posts almost two to three weeks later.  I might have done that last week with a few of my favorite blogs.

I also comment on blog posts that are tweeted out on twitter.  I read “The Twitter” a lot.  If I see a great post that I want to comment on later, I email the post to myself.  I loathe commenting from the iPhone.  But when I get to an actual computer, I make sure to comment on that post.

And bloggers, try and reply to comments on your own blog.  Your readers appreciate it! When you respond back to the comments, you create a discussion.  I love using WordPress and threaded comments.  It makes a conversation flow much easier.  I also use a plug-in for WordPress, replyMail, that emails my comment to the person that I’m responding to.  I can’t always respond to the comments every day, but I try to answer all of the questions directed towards me.

I also love the SITS Website for blogger support and comment love. They feature bloggers every day, and you show them some love with comments.  The site is also great for blogging education too.

2. Twitter

I love the Twitter. Twitter is my BFF (sorry Stacey, I have an online addiction), my boyfriend, my lover, my news, and everything else all rolled into one free website.  Twitter has been amazing for bloggers and promotion of their sites, posts, events, etc.  I’ve found so many new and awesome websites from Twitter. I usually go by a 10-1 rule.  With every tweet that I put out there, I tweet 10 other things not related to me.  Because really, Twitter is not all about me.

And people who just tweet out their posts, events, etc. and don’t reply, well that is not the point of Twitter.  Did you see my hint….Twitter is good for Promotion of others.  So why not share the love, and RT or Tweet out some goodness for fellow bloggers.  P.S. True Story, I found out about Michael Jackson’s Death on The Twitter.

3. Facebook

I have a love/hate relationship with The Facebook.  I love that I can connect with people without having to make zillions of phone calls, emails, etc.  I can just pop on by their wall and say “Happy Birthday” or “Cute Kid”.  But I loathe and hate the drama that Facebook creates.  Why wasn’t I invited to your party? Why did you un-friend me.  But for blogging, that “Share on Facebook” button is genius.  It is so simple to share awesome material on Facebook.

I have a personal Facebook account (locked down for the privileged few) and a Facebook Fan Page (hate the term “like page”). I have my blog posts go to my Fan Page via Networked Blogs. I also posted relevant and interesting information from other blogs, websites, etc. on my Fan Page.  It is about sharing the wealth, or content.

4. Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is an Internet community that allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. It is a personalized recommendation engine which uses peer and social-networking principles. (Wikipedia). Cheryl from TidyMom wrote an AWESOME post for Crafterminds on Best StumbleUpon Tips.  It is such a great tutorial with visual graphics and everything.  Not only can this woman bake, but she is a genius for writing blogging tips.  I’ve had great success with StumbleUpon.

I use the tool bar for Firefox on my Macbook.  I also make sure that I leave a review and properly tag my stumbles.  When I do this, my favorites get more views.  Not every Stumble will go viral, but many of them do.  I get a large amount of traffic to my blog every day from posts on my blog that are from one to two years old.  You can follow me or friend me on Stumbleupon also.  I go by AngryJulieMonday.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pin board. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.  People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes via Pinterest. Pinterest is invite only,  comment or email me if you need an invite.  I love it.  I used to have all of this favorites and bookmarks on three different computers.  Now, I can save all of my favorite things from the web on my Pinterest Pin Boards.  One of the most important things that I can suggest us to use the FULL URL or otherwise known as PERMALINK for an item when “pinning it”.  People want to know where to go for that recipe, or where to buy something.  Plus, you also need to make sure to give credit to the actual and original author.

This site is great for discovering new bloggers and awesome posts. I love all of the recipes and craft tutorials.  It was soo beneficial when planning my son’s birthday party.  Oh, and here is my account if you want to follow me on Pinterest: AngryJulie on Pinterest.

6. Featured Posts or Link-Ups

Do a round-up of featured or your favorite posts for the week. Do you have a niche blog? I love all of the craft and DIY bloggers because they have the GREATEST link-ups.  I get some amazing ideas from this link-ups. I used to do Spotlight Saturdays on my blog where I would find five of my favorite blog posts of the week.

I post my Project 365 posts on Saturdays now.  But I share my favorite posts on my Facebook Fan Page wall now.  On Fridays, I have been doing Friday Favorites where I have been finding great ideas and topics from Pinterest.  On Wednesday, I have been doing a Wordless Wednesday link-up for almost two years.  But seriously, Skip To My Lou, Today’s Creative Blog, Tip Junkie, Thirty Handmade Days, Tatertots and Jello, and Whipperberry are my favorite sites for craft/DIY link parties every week.

7. Guest Posts

Having or doing guest posts is a great way to grow your blog.  You are able to gain a new audience who has never seen your awesome blog before. ProBlogger has some great insights on How To Guest Post To Promote Your Blog.  I’ve written some guest posts on photography, and other things.  I really need to have more guest posters on my blog.  I need to figure out topics or something for them to write about.  It is hard to figure out guest posts for my blog, because I have a weird non-niche or random blog.

But seriously, guest posts are amazing and a breath of fresh airGuest posts are also great to have when you are on vacation, busy, or just need a break from your regular blogging routine.

8. Tribe Groups

When you form or gather a group of other bloggers to form a tribe, you become a superpower.  Seriously! It is always nice to have people who “have your back”.  I have several people whom are bloggers that I can toss ideas around with, email, or even call to complain to.  These people get me. I have my tribe mates on Skype, Twitter, and on Facebook.  I love the private groups that you can create on Facebook.  This has been awesome for networking with like minded individuals. I’ve found some great online articles from Michaele Harrington and SITS Girls. I also am a big fan of forums and message boards.  I started off blogging because of interactions on a message board.

I have sent and received emails from other blogging friends that have wording such as: “Can you please RT my last post on Twitter, Can you stumble this (with link), Can you send this around to your friends.” Really, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  If you send it to a group of ten people, at least 1-2 people will follow through.

9. Social Media Icons

PLEASE put some kind of place to contact you or social media icons on your site.  I want to be able to email you, put your RSS Feed in my reader, Tweet you, Facebook You, etc.  Bloggers love Social Media Site Icons because it makes things easier.  I have my social media networking links on the top of my right sidebar on my blog.  I have my RSS, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr Accounts linked.  I also have a place for Email Subscription and my Pinterest account on my sidebar.

Here are some great tutorials for social media icons on Blogger and on WordPress. I am also a HUGE advocate for putting social media icons somewhere or on each blog post.  If I read a great post, I want to be able to promote the post with one click.  I use the Jetpack plug-in for my blog. Some other ones are TweetMeme, Add This, ShareThis, and SexyBookmarks.  I may have sent messages to some of my favorite blogging friends to PLEASE ADD social media icons to their posts.

10.  Proper Linking

Give credit where credit is due. Believe me, it is rare that I have original thoughts.  I am always inspired by all of the awesome blog posts, photographs, projects, recipes, and crafts that I see online.  But when I post about them, I make sure to give them proper credit or link back. Please CREDIT your sources.  It is the nice and proper way to do things.  Bloggers love when you talk about them.  Make sure you link to them.

Use proper Blog Etiquette. I get sad when I see pictures that I’ve taken posted, without crediting the source.  I don’t mind people using them, really I don’t. Just link back.  Also, there is copyright issues. This can hurt you big time.  These copyright issues involve REAL MONEY and ATTORNEYS. Sara an attorney, has a great series on Blog Law.


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