Friday Favorites #9: Kitchens

Last week our refrigerator died….it was not a slow and paintful death.  It was very fast.  It started making a VERY loud noise on Thursday night, and by Friday morning, it was starting to warm up.  Angry Husband called a repair company and they could not come out until Monday to look at it.

On Monday, an awesome repair guy came to check out the refrigerator.  He let me know that the compressor was bad, and that it would cost several hundred dollars to fix it, close to the thousand dollar mark.  I had a very bad feeling that this was going to happen over the weekend.  We were already on Day 4 without a refrigerator.  Can you imagine going that long? Well, we did.

I alerted Angry Husband via text message about our situation, and he told me that we would go looking for refrigerators that evening. Of course, I already had my mind made up on the refrigerator that I wanted.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I recently wrote an entire blog post about Bosch’s French Door Refrigerator.  Honestly, I’ve turned into a Bosch snob and I’m ok with that. In the past year, I’ve taken two trips to their showroom.  I am an extremely educated consumer now, and know all about their products.

Of course, all of our appliances in our kitchen are old, and they make me angry. Don’t even get me started on our stove.  It is electric, and it is original to our house, circa 1984.  I knew that the refrigerator purchase would be the start of replacing the rest of our appliances, plus some inspiration to start some kind of kitchen remodel.

Of course, I won the war with my husband, and we got the Bosch refrigerator.  It was delivered last night while I was at work, but my husband sent me a picture.  It is soo pretty.  Don’t you think?

Bosch Refrigerator

This just starts a whole new track of thought for me now.  My new refrigerator is shiny and pretty.  The rest of my kitchen is dull, broken, and boring.  I need some inspiration for my kitchen.  Of course, I have an entire board on Pinterest for kitchens.  I thought I would post a few of my favorites things for kitchens.

Source: me oh my

I love the white cabinets and the white subway tile backplash.  And the granite, of course, it is pretty similar to our cabinet/granite color scheme now. Only this kitchen is 100% more awesome.  I think we need to stick with white cabinets, because of the color scheme in our house, and the size of the kitchen.


Because we have a smaller kitchen space, we need tons of storage.  I love the way that these cabinets are set up. The drawers are deep, and also built to hold lots of stuff.  I like how they have the dishes in an under the counter drawer also, easier for kids to reach.


I love farm sinks.  I mean really, it is a total pain to wash dishes in those side by side sinks. The plates and cooking utensils never really fit right.  You have to prop them up on the sides of the sink.  With a farm sink, you just pile it up.

Have you recently redone your kitchen? Do you have any awesome ideas for kitchen? Do you know someone whom would want to finance my kitchen remodel (totally kidding, maybe)?  Seriously, I need to start saving some money, because we need a new kitchen in a bad way.

Disclosure: I went on a trip via Bosch Appliances last month.  They paid for it.  They taunted me with their wonderful appliances.  My refridgerator really really did die. I swear. No lie. We lived with a mini fridge for a week.  Bosch Appliances assisted me with a discount in purchasing my new refrigerator.  I might have begged a little.  But then again, Bosch Appliances in an enabler, and have made me a Bosch snob.

the Blah Blah Blahger
the Blah Blah Blahger

Before I even read the whole post, I saw the white kitchen and thought it would look great in your house. : )


Love your new fridge!! So shiny and pretty!


drooling over the kitchen pictures... I am longing to tear out my kitchen. I <3 white cabinets, and a farm sink (and totally agree about stupid divided sinks), but I want butcher block counters :)