Good Clean Fun with Dinosaur Themed Bath Products

Angry Kid mostly takes showers now.  But there are times that he loves to take a bath.  He usually stays in the bath water playing until the water is freezing cold.  My son used to love bubble baths, but as he grew older, his splashes grew larger, which equals a BIG mess.  Angry Kid also started having problems as the bubble bath products that we previously used, would get into his eyes and he complained.  We had to stop using bath products because of this.

Good Clean Fun from SMITH&VANDIVER

I recently received some bath products from Smith & Vandiver a company whom promotes healthy clean living with natural products.  When Angry Kid was a baby, it was easy to find natural and healthy bath products.  As he has gotten older, we have less options, and have been using adult products.  I love that Smith & Vandiver have their own kid-friendly bath line catering to the 2-10 year old crowd.


My son loved their irritation-free fruity grape bubble bath.  The bubble bath smelled so good that I wanted to take a bubble bath.  The Dino-Bubbles have a skin healthy 5.5 pH.  The packaging for the product actually uses 82% less plastic than other products with the same size bottle.


Of course, my son’s favorite product from Smith & Vandiver were the Dino-Fizz eggs.  He is REALLY into science right now, and watching the eggs fizz was like his own science experiment in the bathtub.  As each egg dissolves, a baby dinosaur “hatches” and floats to the surface. They are available in Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus or Stegosaurus.  My son wanted to try all of the eggs that first night.  He loved watching the eggs “dissolve” and waiting for the little dinosaur to float up.

You can buy these products from Smith & Vandiver’s Website. They range in price from $1.59 to $14.99.

Disclaimer: I was provided samples of Smith & Vandiver’s Good Clean Fun line of bath products to review.  My kid actually took a bath and used these products.  I didn’t include “real life” photos of my son using the products because really, that is just creepy at six years old.  I don’t want to attract the wrong type of readers to my site. You know whom I’m talking about.