My appliances are psychic or maybe Bosch is?

I need to change my motto from “poor planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part” to “one step forward and three steps back” or “when it rains, it pours”.  Last year, we had MAJOR problems with our washer and dryer and mold.  Ironically, right in the middle of our washer/dryer issues, I was invited to Bosch Appliances Showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona to check out their Vision Washers and Dryers.  It was like Bosch knew that I needed a new washer and dryer.  Seriously, about a month after the trip, my husband had a complete fit about our washer and dryer.  I gave him “the look”, and we both agreed it was time to buy a new washer and dryer.  We headed to Best Buy and I headed towards the Bosch washers and dryers.  Best Buy had just started carrying the products, and the employee was mesmerized by our choice.  My husband assured her that we knew all about the washer and dryers, and that we were making an educated decision.

Neither my husband nor I regret spending a little bit more for a top-of-the-line product for our home. Honestly, I’m getting tired of replacing things after just a few years of usage.  My husband still raves about our washer and dryer, a whole year later.  I constantly give my thumbs up when people asking about Bosch Appliances on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  You really “get what you pay for”.

Flash to a year later, May 2011.  I was invited to a second blogger event at Bosch Appliances focusing on their Engineering called “Bosch Engineer”. “Bosch quality is distinguished by the precision, performance and efficiency that is synonymous with German engineering.” We were taught about the science of their appliances, the research involved, and even got a little history lesson on the company’s founder, Robert Bosch. For more than 125 years now, Bosch has been providing technology that makes life more pleasant. Developing high-quality technical products and assuming social responsibility are duties that were already acknowledged by the company’s founder Robert Bosch. “It’s better to  lose money than trust” is a philosophy that continues to guide the premium brand.

Bosch, 125 Years of Social Commitment

Photo by Laurie of Tip Junkie. Notice my awesome Epiphanie Bag with the Official Lab Coat.

A few days before I left for the event, our refrigerator (not Bosch, not even close) started making a funny buzzing noise.  It wasn’t so funny when I started researching “the noise” online.  Apparently, the compressor is starting to go out on it.  I’m not sure if you know about refrigerators, but a compressor is pretty important.  I knew that I would be learning more about Bosch’s stoves, but I didn’t realize that we would get an awesome presentation on their refrigerators also.  It was almost like they were psychic and knew that mine was on the fritz.  Bosch is smart like that, channeling my inner thoughts.

I’m been eyeing refrigerators with french doors and bottom mount freezers for years.  I have some things that I desire in a refrigerator though: 1. ice/water dispenser on front of door 2.  large door pockets on interior of refrigerator and 3. easy to clean.  I saw several different types of refrigerators in their showroom which appeared to be almost custom-built.  I was somewhat shocked when they showed us the Bosch 800 Series French Door Refrigerator with Bottom Mount Freezer, which would fit perfect in my small but highly expensive Orange County home. (i.e. I bought when the housing market when higher priced, and not I’m poor)

Bosch 800 Series French Door Refrigerator
Seriously you have no idea how excited I was over a refrigerator.  Either I’m getting older, or have a problem.  Actually we have a HUGE problem in our house.  One of the biggest problems that we have is that we never properly utilize all of our groceries, and we thrown a ton of food in the trash.  I love going to the local Farmer’s Markets and getting fresh fruits and vegetables.  But as the week goes on, we get busy and many of those delicious items go bad.

Bosch wanted to actually prove to use how awesome their VitaFresh Technology is, with a little experiment. Manfred, who is an actual engineer for Bosch illustrated an experiment that started a week prior to our arrival .  Bosch placed fruits and vegetables into the Vita Fresh drawers of the refrigerator in the showroom on May 4, 2011.  The food placed into the drawers was celery, strawberries, broccoli and apples.  Then they purchased the same food from the store that morning, which was May 12, 2011.  Manfred took the fruits and vegetables out of the Vita Fresh drawers and placed them on a table to compare the items side-by-side.  The older and freshly bought items were so similar in color, that it was hard to compare the two.  We were able to taste the items to figure out which items were the older ones, and which we the newer items.  It was VERY hard to figure out.  Ironically, the older strawberries actually tasted better. The VitaFresh Food Preservation System utilizes automatic humidity and temperature control keeps food fresher, longer.

I think the Bosch 800 Series French Door Refrigerator with Bottom Mount Freezer has some awesome features….

  • SteelTouch control panel with LED screen
    Makes it simple to adjust the internal temperature.
  • Multi-Flow cooling system
    Provides uniform cold air circulation. SuperCool and SuperFreeze technologies quickly balance temperatures between cold items and newly placed food.
  • Thru-the-door ice and water dispenser
    Offers filtered water and clear, crisp ice at the touch of a button. Lockout feature disables the controls to prevent unsupervised use.
  • Water filtration
    Removes impurities for a cleaner, more refreshing taste. Filter indicator light shows you when the filter needs changing.
  • Adjustable, spill-proof glass shelving
    Offers storage versatility and contains spills for easier cleanup.
  • VitaFresh Food Preservation System
    Automatically regulates temperature and humidity to keep food fresh longer. Full-size deli drawer helps meats stay fresh.
  • Adjustable gallon door bins
    Offer customizable storage for large or small containers for space efficiency.
  • Automatic icemaker
    With QuickIce technology replenishes ice quickly.
  • Door alarm
    Alerts you when the refrigerator door is accidentally left open to save energy.

I’m trying to figure out how I can pay for a new Bosch refrigerator right now.  My only problem is that my other appliances will be jealous.  Seriously, EVERYTHING is breaking in our house.  I need a complete kitchen remodel. Our stove is original to our house, circa 1984, yes the same year that Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and the Karate Kid came out at the movies.

I have more posts coming soon on Bosch’s Dishwashers, Induction Cook Tops, and Convection Ovens.  You can only wonder why I want all new appliances?

I borrowed another photo from Laurie aka Tip Junkie for my post. I should have given my camera to someone to take a picture.

Shannon, Me,  SarahSugar, Manfred, Laurie, Christen, and Leticia are in this picture.

I had a great time with my Bosch Engineer Blogging Friends that I met in Scottsdale, and I hope to see them soon at other fun events.

Here are some other recap posts from the event:

Disclosure: YES, the noise is still buzzing on my refrigerator at home.  I’m not making this up for blog traffic. Come on over and listen. Please bring food though.  I was invited to a super duper rad trip via Bosch Appliances.  They put me up in a ritzy hotel, fed me, and showed me all of their rad appliances.  They even brought in some real live authentic Germans with accents to talk about their products.  I love Bosch and they don’t even pay me to say that. No cash was pressed into my hand to post all of this.

Lakshmi Balu
Lakshmi Balu

Great review ! This review of the Bosch products are simply intriguing. Thanks for the post!


Sounds like a fun event & a great product, gotta love that!