Best Face of May 2011: Angry Kid and Wolfie

May has been hectic for us.  I think we had t-ball and birthday parties almost every weekend.  We had a nice break this weekend, and had nothing really scheduled.  I started going through my iPhoto albums and realized that I have about five events where I’ve barely even looked at the photos.  I started some of my editing earlier today.

But after going through all of my photos, I found my “Best Face of May” for I Heart Faces.  It isn’t the best photo.  It wasn’t planned.  But it really says so much about our daily life.  Angry Kid is obsessed with our dogs right now, especially Wolfie.  I feel bad for poor Wolfie, because Angry Kid is always trying to carry her.  Yet, she keeps wanting to play with him.  I think this photo really depicts our daily life.  And Angry Kid was all hot and sweaty from running around, crazy kid!

May 2011

Do you have a “Best Face for May” photo? Have you linked up with I Heart Faces yet? You don’t have to be a pro photographer. Believe me, I’m nowhere near that!


I'm another non-pro :) I love this shot of daily life. He has beautiful eyes!

Melanie Couch
Melanie Couch

Nothing like a bond between kid and dog. Love the pic! So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

I don't mind non-pro. We all have to get in our photographing practice somehow.

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