The Men Folk Plan A Day Trip

Even though we stayed local, my son’s Spring Break, back in April, was quite busy.  We went on many adventures, and took Angry Kid to some new places locally.  On Friday (this is important, because you will laugh later) of Spring Break, my husband told me that his friends were planning a trip to Zoomars Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano.  I was actually woken up by my husband that morning ranting and texting his friends on the phone.  Apparently, they (friends) were already on their way to Zoomars, while we had barely gotten up.

You can only imagine the running around that started in our house…get dressed, get the camera, get the sunscreen.  Go…go…go… I felt like I was in bootcamp.  So the Angry Family piled in the car and headed down South.  My husband had punched in the address for Zoomars on his cell.  Of course, we got lost on the way, and ended up on a dead end road.  We then passed Zoomars, and had to turn around.  But, we finally arrived.

We went in and immediately headed to the area where the bunnies and guinea pigs were corralled.  We purchased a few baskets of vegetables from the cashier at Zoomars to feed the animals.  Angry Kid loved the guinea pigs.  I think Angry Husband even liked feeding them a little.  We all joked up these animals being the best fed animals ever.  I think those animals could eat all day.

Guinea Pigs at ZoomarsAhhh…guinea pigs and bunnies.
Feeding guinea pig at Zoomars
Angry Kid feeding a guinea pig.
One of the crazy goats at Zoomars. They kept chasing the kid around for his basket of vegetables.
Angry Husband feeding the goats
Angry Husband made a few friends.
They had a little playground at Zoomars. Angry Kid was running around in this playhouse.

Vintage Coca Cola Cooler at ZoomarsI thought this old rustic Coca Cola cooler was pretty cool.  Angry Husband and his friends were talking about this. It would be great to have something like this in the backyard.
And of course, I’m that photo person thinking ahead.  Wouldn’t this bathtub be awesome for a photo shoot?

After venturing around Zoomars, the boys told me that there next stop was The Mission San Juan Capistrano, which was within walking distance.  Before we made it to the Mission, we stopped for some ice cream.  We stopped at a little coffee shop which had ice cream and drinks.  It was yummy.

So this is where it gets funny…we walked over to The Mission San Juan Capistrano, and the big wooden doors were closed.  We then got a little closer.  Of course, it was Good Friday and they had closed at noon that day. It was around one pm when we got there.  They are only closed two days out of the year, and they only close early two days.  Of course, this was one of the two days.  Everyone was disappointed about The Mission being closed. The kids were actually bummed too.

This is where I giggled a little though.  This is typical man planning…no directions, and no research.  Angry Husband is used to me researching everything before we go somewhere new.  I’m always looking at hours, prices, etc. and I even try to find online coupons most times. This was their (boys) excursion and I was just along for the ride.  Of course, I took some pictures too.

I told Angry Husband that next time we go to San Juan Capistrano or Zoomars, we need to take the train though.  Because the train stops right in front of Zoomars.


Emily faliLV
Emily faliLV

LOL - Typical. Sounds like a crazy hectic but SUPER fun day! Angry Kid looks like he had a blast. I have to tell you - I giggle everytime I read "Angry Family" I don't know why but it always strikes me as silly!! :)