Arts and Crafts Caddy

As a kindergartener, Angry Kid is acquiring a ton of craft supplies.  He loves using his crayons, markers, and colored pencils.  But, it seemed like the craft supplies were taking over our house.  I wanted to find something to store all of his things in.  Angry Husband and I put our minds together and came up with this project, an arts and crafts caddy.  I’ve seen some other blogs use this same IKEA lazy susan, but we used some different items in the construction of our project.  I posted a picture of our craft caddy in my Project: Simplify: Paper Clutter Post last week.

My husband, yes, I said my husband, has made three of these now.  I think they would be a great birthday present.  The tutorial that I am showing is for the craft caddy that Angry Husband made for my neighbor Brandy aka Simply Fit Mama.

Arts and Crafts Caddy

Photo by Simply Fit Mama

Arts and Crafts Caddy

Photo by Simply Fit Mama

Here are the simple steps to creating this caddy:

1.  Use a lazy susan. We used IKEA’s version, which is under $8 and a large size.  It is a basic wood.

2. Sand the lazy susan. We always paint our lazy susan so we give it a little sanding first. We used 180 grit, just enough to scuff the surface.

3. Lay out the buckets or bins that will go on the lazy susan. Space them out evenly.  Angry Husband marks a center point on the lazy susan and then draws out a pie chart for bucket placement so that everything is even.  He then pre-drills holes on each of the lines of the pie chart and the center point.  This is for bucket placement after the lazy susan is painted.  You can also use a glue gun to secure the buckets, but we have found the short screws hold everything in place tighter.

4.  Mask off the area to be painted on the lazy susan.

This photograph below depicts Steps 1-4.

IKEA lazy susan, before painting.

5. Paint lazy susan. We use whatever paint is available in our garage.  We used black paint for this particular caddy because Angry Husband was also painting our nightstands for our master bedroom.  Angry Kid’s caddy is gray.  The gray paint was from his leftover bedroom paint.

This photograph below depicts Step 5.  Notice the pre-drilled holes showing through the black paint.

6. Select your buckets.  We used the “Socker” buckets from IKEA, which are for plants. We used six of the smaller size for the outside area of the caddy, and a large one for the middle.

This photograph below depicts Step 6.

IKEA Socker Bucket for Craft Caddy

7. Drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket. We use anything less than 1/2″ screws. My husband said that he used 3/8″ this time.

This photograph below depicts Step 7.

Hole drilled in bottom of craft bucket.

8. Place screw, which is less than 1/2″ into hole on bucket. (Not shown)

9. Align buckets and screws inside with pre-drilled holes on lazy susan. (Not shown)

10.  Use a drill or screwdriver, and screw buckets to lazy susan. (Not shown).

11.  You are finished.

This Photograph below depicts Step 11.  Angry Husband did not photograph steps 8-10.

Finished craft caddy

Here are Angry Kid’s and Stella’s craft caddies as other examples. Stella is Angry Kid’s friend.

Angry Kid's Craft Caddy

Stella's Craft Caddy

P.S. Angry Husband took most of his pictures with his iPhone. But I’m happy that he actually took pictures for a tutorial. He is learning.

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