I Heart Faces: Best Face of February 2011

I didn’t post any of the photos from my son’s Valentine’s Day Party at school, because I’m not going to post photos of people’s kids without permission.  Plus, not everyone knows about this blog thing at school.  But I never got to post this great picture of Angry Kid.  He had just finished frosting a heart-shaped cookie, and he kept licking the frosting off of his fingers.

Finger licken' good

I think that this is my “Best Face Photograph for February” as Angry Kid always seems to be such a ham for the camera.  Be sure to check out the other participants in I Heart Faces, “Best Face Photograph for February”.


I was one of the moms in charge of Kate's preschool class' Valentine's Day party. I was too lazy to do heart cut out cookies, so I bought the cupcakes with the red confetti instead. They still got to put on their own frosting and sprinkles, so it's just as good, right? RIGHT?!?! :)