Find Your Bliss, Part Tres: Oz-Some

This is the third and final post in my Blissdom Recap Series.  I have two other posts, which are Part Uno and Part Dos.  I didn’t think that people wanted to here about Blissdom for two weeks straight on my blog, so I spread out my posts over a few weeks.

Day 3, which was Friday, started off slow. As in slow, I was tired.  My trigger (camera finger) finger was getting sore from all of the awesome photographs that I was taking.  Plus, I was staying up late every night editing photos.  Silly me, I thought I could party all day, and edit all night.


I grabbed a quick breakfast that morning and headed towards my first session, which was Longevity and Balance: The One Where the Old Timers Complain and Then Rally with a Vengeance: Disillusioned Newbies Welcome. For me, this session was basically, “the bloggers that I knew before “The Twitter” and “The Facebook”.  Most of these women on this panel, have been my “bloggy friends” for quite some time.  We found each other in a haphazard way, through other people’s blogs.  It is hard to remember when I did that.  It is much easier to find blogs now through all of the social media sites that have popped up along the way. I think I need a badge or button on my site, with the Pre-Twitter, and Pre-Facebook wording.

Project 365 28/365: How cute is @Jennyonthespot! And me, of course!

Jenny and I took a little break for a picture, with my iPhone.  Aren’t we cute?  I may have taken at least a 100 photos of Jenny during the Conference, yet this was our only photo together.  It is PERFECTION though. I met Jenny at BlogHer in 2009. She probably doesn’t remember me back then, but I remember her sparkly-ness. She was all glittery!!

So anyway, back to “Conferencing” my favorite word for the year. After the break, I headed towards the Integrity and Strategy: Unflappable Character and Consistent Core Values as Keys to Implement Bliss. I loved all of the women in this session. I did lots of head nodding, as I was in complete agreement.  Integrity is pretty much one of my main core values.  Have you determined your core values?

DSC_0033Beckie, Jen, and Laurie

While I was on my way to lunch, I bumped into the “crafty” gals doing some photo shoots and group photos.  I had to take a photo of these fabulous women. They are rockstars in the craft world.

@BusyDadBlog and Reddi-Wip

During lunch that day, we had a great lunch via ConAgra Foods and I caught some entertainment a few tables over. Jim aka @BusyDadBlog was having some fun with the Reddi-wip. Jim is always entertaining.

After lunch and some mingling, we got seated for the State of Bliss 2011 which can be also known as The Panel of OZ-some.  They did a great skit, and it evolved around a Wizard of Oz theme. I loved how they delivered their message. It was about Brains, Courage, Heart, and Home, which pretty much sums up my blog.  Although, I might need some courage sometimes, or maybe a little extra push.


110128_BlissDom_595Photo by Dawn Camp

LoveDrop.Us and ItStartsWith.Us PresentersWe had a great presentation from ItStartWith.Us. They shared how you can take 15 minutes a week to touch hearts and change lives. Be sure to check out their site.

@unmarketing with his Blissdom Closing Keynote

Scott Stratten from UnMarketing was a great selection for the Blissdom Closing Keynote. He was amazing.  I love how Scott speaks in tweets. One of my favorite quotes from Scott during the keynote was, “If you hate people, you shouldn’t be on Twitter”.  I tweeted this out, right after he said it.  I got tons of reactions. But basically it means, passive/aggressive people are not fun on Twitter. Twitter is meant for engaging and interaction.  If you hate people that much, and have to be negative, don’t be on Twitter. I bought Scott’s book, and I’m slowly reading it.  I actually use a highlighter when reading it, because there are so many good quotes that I want to save.

110128_BlissDom_686Photo by Dawn Camp

At the end of the Closing Keynote, there was a surprise flashmob to the tune of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus.  I didn’t get the memo, and had no clue about this.  Everyone thought I knew since I was one of the Official Photographers, but I was up and ready with my camera when it started.  If you look, right in the middle, you can see me in the photo above.

After the Keynote, I headed out to town in Nashville for some dinner with friends.  We had conversation, and a little bit of quiet.  We went to a hip little place and well, it was a bit cold on their covered patio area.  We had lots of laughs though.  After dinner, I hurried back to change and get ready for Girls Night In, which featured a concert with Chris Mann, and Crystal Bowersox, along with some karaoke.

@secretagentmama and @chrismann

I love this photo of Mishelle and Chris Mann. Hilarious.  But really, how cute is this?  One of my favorite photos of Mishelle.


I loved listening to Crystal Bowersox.  I remember when she was a contestant on American Idol.  I cheered for her along the way.  She attracted quite a crowd when she started playing.

After the concerts, we (the Blissdom attendees) were able to put on our own little concert.  It was time for the karaoke to begin.  I was brave enough to get on stage, and I sang along with Kelly and Jim to the tune of “Who’s Your Daddy?” Singing this has been an annual tradition for Jim, as I took a video of Jim and Tanis at Blissdom last year singing.

Blissdom11 - Mishelle Lane -7499

Photo by Mishelle Lane

After reading this, you were probably exhausted.  I know I am.  But seriously, I did not want the fun to end.  I stayed up as late as I could.  I had some great times, and I have some awesome memories from Blissdom.  I hope that I get a chance to see all of my friends soon.  I wish we could all be neighbors.


BlogHer '09... that was a very drunk BlogHer for me. The BlogHer that changed my ways. I don't remember much from that trip... except that I remember I decided to never drink like that again. And also, I am so glad you got a We picture. Next time we need to blow up our phones with We shots, no? YES.


I stayed up as late as I could because I just didn't want it to end. I figured I could sleep when I got home. Or not. Love you, Julie!

Tractor Mom
Tractor Mom

I hope one day I can go to a blog conference! Maybe someday...


Looks like so much fun. I've just recently "met" Jenny and I ADORE her!


Nearly a month late and it's nice to see such a lovely recap. Thank you, Ms. AJM!


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