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We are huge electronics fans in the Angry Household.  We have three TV’s, four iPhones, an iTouch, and just a few computers.  Although there are three of us living here, it can get somewhat loud.    I watch several of my TV shows online while I’m working on other things.  Angry Husband does not care for many of these shows, so I always use my iPhone earbuds.  If anyone has used those tiny earbuds, they know that after a long period of time, they are not very comfortable.

I received a pair of Aerial7 Tank Headphones to review recently.  I’ve used them along with the gadget thief, Angry Kid.  Angry Kid is prone to blasting Angry Birds on the iTouch.  That game can get quite annoying when it is blasting at the loudest volume possible.

Here are some of the key features of his headphones:

  • Deliver the highest quality listening experience to your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, mp3 player, cell phone or music device
  • Swivel ear cup with spring return for single-sided monitoring
  • Rubberized, soft touch finish for a premium look and feel
  • Soft, pliable headband for comfortable extended listening
  • Includes two cables: 1) thick coiled cable for standard music players, and 2) thin straight cable with microphone for iPhone, Blackberry, and other cell phones
  • Can be used with Skype also

Angry Kid liked the bright colors, and I was impressed with how comfortable they were.  Although I may be the queen of headbands, they eventually start to hurt.  I had these headphones on for several hours one day when I was editing photos, and I did not have any problems with them.

And good news, Aerial7 has a Hello Kitty version of the Tank headphones also.  Seriously, adorable.   I might have to get a pair of these too.

Aerial7 has several styles of headphones, including headphones built into a beanie. I think that these would be perfect for those cold weather types.

You can find Aerial7 at stores like Urban Outfitters and on Aerial7’s website.  I’ve actually seen the headphones at Urban Outfitters. Angry Kid actually pointed them out.

Disclosure: I was provided with these awesome brightly colored headphones from Aerial7 for review.  The snazzy color pattern and features, umm like use with Skype did not influence me in any way.  And really, see that DJ’s use this brand of headphones, I feel even cooler now.  But all of my rambling, really means, I didn’t pay for these, but you should totally buy them, because stealing is not cool, and you go straight to jail for thieving.

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

Me loves the Hello Kitty.....we won't be telling the husband about the $150 Hello Kitty tennis shoes that I ordered.


I think you have lost your headphones to AK forever. better order the HK ones. lol.