Fat Friday

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Do you see these perfect cupcakes….I had to take a picture of them, rather than eat them. Why? Because I was just too full to eat them.  I think I’ve been in a food coma this entire month.  Going to a conference, my birthday, and now Thanksgiving, well I’m done.

I had to work today (or rather yesterday) and Angry Husband took over for the food front.  I printed out the recipes, and helped him shop for the ingredients.  I carefully searched the internets for the proper recipes for Thanksgiving.

We had seven people all together over for dinner, and of course, all of our shopping was last minute.  Both of my parents have/had worked in the grocery industry for their entire careers, my mom hates Holiday food shopping, and as her daughter, I do too.  We waited to long to get a proper turkey so we got two.  We got one of those lovely frozen ones, 14 lbs., and then another bitty frozen turkey breast type-thing.

We (husband and kid), cause I was bringing home the bacon (work) and did not come home till it was all done; used the following recipes in our din-din.

Maple Glazed Turkey Breast (Crockpot)-We put our little turkey breast to good use with this recipe.  It was a complete fluke.  I have to thank Google for this.  My husband was drooling and said that we must make turkey again, on a non-Thanksgiving day.

Delicious Creamy Mashed Potatoes-These are now a Holiday staple for us. Really, how can you go wrong with anything from The Pioneer Woman, pure goodness.  I also welcomed two new fans of The Pioneer Woman into the club tonight.

We used some other recipes and such, but I can’t remember what, they all had a dash of this, and a dash of that.  But, we had way too much food left over, and everyone left with some goodness.

My husband has to work at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning.  My son is at my parent’s.  I might even be meeting someone for some early morning shopping. Really, I have no Christmas gift list.  I will probably shop randomly, and maybe for myself.  And then, I head to work again.

I hope to wake up from this food coma, and not feel so fat on Friday.  I suggest that we have salad on Christmas, with the dressing on the side, of course. Because really, isn’t that what everyone is doing in California anyway? How do they all fit into those skinny jeans?


Where were you?! I looked all over and didn't see you at Disneyland.


food comas are the new black... as you would say :) we fed 20 people here yesterday - and I'm currently just shocked at my complete lack of leftovers... can't decide if that means it was all delicious or if I didn't make enough :)


mmmm... that naple turkey sounds divine. Ill hhave to try that one. and I LOVE me some PW. I used her brine this year. SO tasty! We had far too much food but i sent some home with my single brother in law and to hubbys parents since they were sick and didnt make it. now to come up with some left over turkey recipes for all the junk in my fridge...

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity
Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

That maple turkey in a crockpot sounds yummy. I can't make a turkey from scratch because I always have a defective oven, so I buy the already cooked one from Albertson's every year. It's always perfect. Next year I may go rogue and do a fresh turkey using that turkey bag thing. Then again, maybe not. LOL The staple in my house is my sage dressing. Without it, it's not Thanksgiving or Christmas to me. Oh and we do the cranberry sauce shaped like the can. LOL It's how I have eaten cranberry sauce all my life. My husband had to work 10 hours today. ON THANKSGIVING. He has to be at work at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow and work the whole weekend. He may get a week from Sunday off if we're lucky. This is kind of why I hate the holidays. He gets real bitchy when he's not getting enough sleep. LOL And then I have to deal with it...you get the picture. But it sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving. Hope you don't get trampled during the Black Friday mad dash for deals.

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