Behind The Seams

Two of my favorite places to shop are T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s.  Every time I go to either of those stores, it is like a treasure hunt.  You never know what you might find.  Whether it is clothing, home goods, accessories, or even luggage, I always find great stuff.

I attended an event at Marshall’s in Los Angeles called “Behind The Seams”Alison Deyette spoke to us about the company and told us about the current fashion trends.  I met Alison last year at a Marshall’s event in the winter.  I love hearing about how Marshalls does the buying for their stores.  Marshalls has brand name merchandise and styles that can be currently found in department and specialty stores right now, but for 60% less.  Marshalls’ buyers aren’t restricted to having the same merchandise in every store like other companies.

Marshall's Behind The SeamsWe were at the store early in the morning, so I was able to wander around it and capture some photographs of their displays and merchandise.  They have such a variety of brands and items.  The main photo in this collage pictured is two similar outfits, one was purchased at a department store and one was purchased at Marshalls.  The difference in prices between the outfits was over a $100.

Along with Marshalls’ company philosophies, we also chatted about “Current Fashion Trends for Fall 2010″.  We talked about some of the most have pieces and trends.

1. Sweaters-Big is better; chunky; textured; loopy; fringed, or even sweater dresses are in.

2. Handbags-faux fur and real fur; fold-over/cross body styles; soft slouchy hobo types; snake prints; and of course the current hot Fall colors which are reds, greens, blues, grays, and taupes.

3. Outerwear-wool coats in plaids or solids; leather jackets with detailing; cocoon frame jackets; and details like buttons or other unique features.

4. Footwear-ankle boots are the Fall must-have; pops of color; platforms with lace up or zipper detail; and slouchy leather boots.

5. Polished Career Style-feminine blouses with delicate details; skirts from penciled to tiers and wraps; slim leg pants; and tailored jackets with structured shoulders.

6. Statement Jewelry-over-sized necklaces, bracelets, and rings; darker stones; and darker metals for an edgy look.

7. Knit Scarves and Hats-a mixture of textures, colors, and fabrics; hats are a must have-fedoras and berets; layer up with a wrapped scarf; and look for fur trim, studs, gems, chains, bows and rosettes on hats, gloves, and even scarves.

8. It’s All in the Details-Fall’s top patterns are Fair Isle, soft plaids, stripes, and animal prints; give your look a feminine edge with details; and creating a unique look with military influence, leather touches, faux fur trims, and asymmetrical closures.

After discussing all of the trends for the Fall, we also discussed the economy.  Alison talked about how people are shopping with budgets in mind now, and how they are trying to be a bit more frugal.  She challenged us to go on a “shopping diet”.  This “diet” was a challenge to use less money, buy current trends, and incorporate new pieces into our current wardrobes.  I think this completely makes sense.

Ironically, I think that I always shop this way whether the economy is bad or good.  I believe in having key pieces in my wardrobe at all times.  I then buy a few trendy type items and add and mix-up my wardrobe options.  Because I wear a uniform to work, I spend a little less on clothing than the average person does.  Although I do splurge on some specialty type pieces throughout the year, whether it is a pair of comfortable shoes, or a special dress for an event.

I was given a $100 gift card to Marshalls/T.J. Maxx and was challenged to add some new pieces to my current wardrobe.  I couldn’t wait to go shopping and I picked out four things very promptly.  I am a little more careful these days when I go shopping, so I know what I have/don’t have, and what styles personally work for me.  I will be doing another post sometime soon, showing what items that I purchased with my gift card, and how I incorporated and mix/matched with current pieces in my closet.

Disclosure:  I was provided with a $100 gift card to T.J. Maxx/Marshalls for participation in the shopping diet challenge.  I purchased items of clothing with this certificate for review purposes.  I was not influenced in any way when writing this review.  Some facts and statistics posted here were provided by T.J. Maxx/Marshalls.


I totally need an awesome scarf this winter.


Oh I'm jealous! Lucky girl, getting to go to that fun event & shop too!