Peter Pan at The Orange County Performing Arts Center

Illustration by Steve Rawlings, Design by Feast Creative

I’m a huge fan of the performing arts.  I’ve attended many plays and musicals in my lifetime.  Now that my son is five, I’m trying to expose him more to the “arts”.  I feel that at this age, he can finally understand what is going on, along with being able to sit still and pay attention.

Stella and Angry KidStella and Angry Kid before the performance.

My best friend, Stacey, and I took our kids to a performing of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan at the Orange County Performing Arts Center last month.  My son had attended a kid’s performance last year, at the OC Performing Arts Center, but this was a completely different experience for him.  I also told him that this wasn’t the Peter Pan that he had seen on video, that it was a different type of Peter Pan.

Peter Pan was set in a different type of theater rather than the typical indoor theater.  This performance was in a tent set-up in an outdoor area of the OC Performing Arts Center Complex. It was actually a threesixty Theater which allows for performance “in the round” in a 1,300 seat theater/tent.  This theater also involved a 360-degree CGI theater set.  The tent is lit with more than 15,000 square feet of Hi-Resolution video, which is three times the size of IMAX screens.  The photo below paints a beautiful picture of what the ceiling and the 360-degree CGI screens in full display.

Peter Pan In The Round (c) Kevin Berne

We were seated at one of the top rows within the theater, but really I think every seat is perfect for viewing.  With the theater in the round, the flying, and the 360-degree screens, there were no bad seats for the performance.  The audience consists of adults and children.  Our children were age 5, and I think that this was an appropriate age for children to attend this performance.  I think younger age children would have issues with light violence and being able to sit still in their seats.

J.M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan was a Scottish novelist and playwright, in the late 1800’s.  He wrote the story of Peter Pan who was a mischievious boy who can fly magically and refuses to grow up.  The play is set in Kensington Gardens and the small island of Neverland.  Peter Pan lives on the island of Neverland with a group of young men, referred to as “The Lost Boys”.  This tale was about Peter Pan’s adventures and his dealings with the sinister Captain Hook.

PETER PAN Flight to Neverland (c) Kevin Berne

At the beginning of the show, the initial characters were introduced and we also got to see Peter Pan.  My son got a bit antsy, because some of the dialogue was hard for him to understand with the actor’s British accents.  The first time the actors were raised in the air, and began to fly, well really caught my son’s attention.  He was captivated by their flight and the beautiful scenery that the CGI screens portrayed.  And as a tech-geek type person, well, I was also indeed impressed.  I’m not going to go into all of the details about the production, because you need to see it!

I was amazed by this production and have told several people about it since we went.  I’ve recommended it to co-workers, friends, and even the parents at my son’s school.  I really was that impressed with it.  With the prices starting at $40 and up, it is completely worth it.  This is a special production that is a MUST SEE.  I think tickets to this would be perfect for those hard-to-buy for people in your life.  And the best part, it was extended till Janaury 2, 2011 for Orange County, CA performances.  You can even get tickets for an early Holiday gift.

Disclosure: I was provided tickets for this production by the OC Performing Arts Center.  I took my best friend, and our two children.  We enjoyed the production, and I recommend it to everyone.  My review was not influenced by anyone.


Oh wow, that looks amazing. It's WAY too cold here for outside performances- but that theater is so cool!


oooh! cool! our local PAC is doing Peter Pan too. Gavin wants to go and they are doing a special Veterans Day performance on Thursday I might take him to.


This looks like an amazing production. My kids have been watching the Kathy Rigby version of the Peter Pan play on netflix. They are totally obsessed. I wish we lived in the O.C. so we could got see this.