Backing up your data

Backing up my Macbook

A few months ago,  I was able to install a bigger hard drive in my Macbook all by myself.  My Macbook stock hard drive was too full from all of the pictures that I store on it.  I had bought a portable hard drive and had it all ready and formatted.  I talked to some of the Apple Genius’ whom advised me to just go with a bigger hard drive.  They told me that if I dropped the portable hard drive, that I could potentially lose everything.  I decided to go with the bigger internal hard drive.

Before I started any installation on my Macbook, I backed up the old hard drive on our Apple Time Capsule. I knew that the hard drive was almost full and it had a lot of data on it, so I did this overnight.  I think it took around fifteen hours total to completely back it all up.  I was able to successfully install the new hard drive, but I had a few issues recovering my old data.  I had to take it into the Apple store, and have them look at it.  Apparently, I did an oops and accidentally backed it up three times. They were actually impressed that I even backed it up at all.  They said that many many many people do not back-up their computers and lose all of their hard drive.

My friend, Sarah at Technology for Mommies has some great posts about backing up your data and also some products that you can use to do back-ups.

This past weekend, Angry Husband let Angry Kid play some games on his iPhone which is a 3Gs.  Angry Kid came to Angry Husband with the phone and complained that it was not working.  It was stuck in what Angry Husband called a “boot loop”.  Which is pretty much a black screen with the Apple logo.  Angry Husband knew that this was not good.

Angry Husband called me and told me about the iPhone.  I politely listened, but in my head I was doing the eye-rolling, I told you so.  I’ve told him time and time again to not let the kid use his iPhone.  Angry Husband told me that he could not take his iPhone to the Apple store to get fixed, because his phone was jail broken, which is a no-no. He didn’t want to hear it from me.

I sync and back-up my iPhone every few days.  I have too much stored on there to lose it.  Angry Husband had to reset his entire phone and lost EVERYTHING.  He lost about 300 business contacts that he cannot recover.  He had thousands of pictures and videos on there, GONE. Maybe someone will listen to me next time, when I tell them to back it up!

It is a good thing that I save and back-up all my data because I don’t want to lose awesome videos like this.  Angry Kid was playing with Angry Husband’s iPhone a few months ago, and I was able to capture this video.  Angry Husband now wants a ton of the photos that I have on my phone.

P.S. Angry Husband is getting the iPhone4, which I told him to not mess with.  He’s a spoiled brat like that.  I might upgrade in the future, but I’m not due for an upgrade and it will be more expensive.
Sarah Kimmel {Tech4Moms}
Sarah Kimmel {Tech4Moms}

I can NOT stress backing up enough. I once cost my company 11,000 for not having a good backup~!


Oh no!! That sucks! The video was super cute though... I'm getting a 4G iPhone soon and cannot wait... (Finally a smart phone instead of the stupid little one that can't do anything that I've had for two years!!) The backup is a great recommendation!

Stephanie R
Stephanie R

SMART!! Always back up. I cant tell you how many times Ive lost info I needed because I didnt. Now we have a Mirra that backs all of our stuff up. Funny that you posted that vid of Angry Kid, my middle son is sitting on the couch with his ipod touch doing the same dang thing at me with his.