Spotlight Saturday: 06.13 to 06.19.10

Spotlight Saturday

Here are FIVE of my favorite posts from the past week. Each week I will be highlighting some of my favorites. I have many blogs in my reader, as I have many friends with all different types of “niches” or “non-niches”. I will post serious stories, fun stories, pictures, recipes, etc. They will most likely be in a random order.

1.  According to Kelly-Coming Out of The Closet

Kelly talks about suffering from Postpartum Depression and how it has been the last year for her, in addition to having three children.

2.  Living Locurto-Happy Father’s Day

Amy tells the story of her father’s heart transplant, which was on of the first in their area.  She also talks about organ donation.

3.  Diary of an Unlikely Housewife: Craving: A Fabulous One-Piece

Elisa shows some fabulous one-piece bathing suits.  She also talks about wearing one-pieces.  Really, I have to agree with her. No one sees my stomach but Angry Husband. I really don’t think he cares if it is bright white.

4.  Skip To My Lou-Craft Camp

Cindy, one of my favorite crafty bloggers, is featuring a craft camp the entire month of June. So although this isn’t this week, it is every day this month. There are tons of great ideas featured.  Every day she will be linking to a new craft.  These instructions look so simple, I might even be able to do crafts. That is saying a lot!

5.  Copyblogger-5 Reasons Why Trying to be Successful Will Keep You Poor

Almost everything that I have been successful with was by accident.  I don’t think you can really plan success. It just happens.

Lindsay {Designer Wife}
Lindsay {Designer Wife}

I just had to comment to tell you that I'm in love with your blog! I think I came across you somewhere through blog frog or something. Anyway, glad I somehow ended up here! I've been reading through some posts and added you to my so I'll remember to keep coming back. Definitely enjoy your humor :) Hope you're having an amazing weekend!! Linds


Really?! My First-Timers BlogHer guide didn't make the cut this week?! ;D