E3 The Electronic Entertainment Expo

On Tuesday, I went to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or better known as E3.  This was my first time attending this event.  We are gaming household.  Angry Husband and Angry Kid are the gamers.  I play stuff on my iPhone occasionally.  But I took Angry Husband and his friend, Erik along with me.  Although, I will have to say that Angry Husband and Erik took me along with them.

We arrived at the LA Convention Center and it was packed.  Like seriously, packed.  I’ve been there for the LA Auto Show before, but I’ve never seen it this crazy.  We barely found a parking spot there. We got there a little early and waited for about an hour for the event to open up.  It was some of the best people watching that I’ve ever seen. Angry Husband was full of anticipation.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

We were standing under a display of this game, Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  It kept playing over and over and over with this annoying song about “I love guns”….I seriously had that song stuck in my head all day.  Behind us, there was a huge Star Wars display for the game Star Wars Force Unleashed II.  You should have seen the people just standing there, staring.

While Angry Husband was looking at all of the game displays, I people watched.  I would consider myself an expert at people watching.  I was also checking out people’s badges.  It said their name and the company or business that they represented.  This was a trade show that was not open to the public.  I was invited because of my blog, so my badge had my blog name on it.  I saw people with companies listed as “Microsoft, Blizzard, and even colleges”.  I would say that the percentage of women attending was about 10%.  I’m used to blog conferences etc. with mostly all women, so this was new to me.


I was laughing at Angry Husband because he was complaining about people not wearing enough deodorant while we were waiting.  It was a very large group of stinky boys.  As the doors open, people pretty much pushed their way in.  It was quite hard to keep up, and you could easily get lost in there.  Angry Husband had certain games that he wanted to check out, so we made our way towards their booths.

We spent quite some time at the Sony PlayStation 3 area.  There were a ton of new games, plus you could play them.  He even played some 3D ones.  He was impressed with the glasses.

But mostly, Angry Husband was distracted a little by the Booth Babes.  There were tons of scantily clad women folk standing around.  Some of them may have been wearing costumes.  He had a TON of photos of said, Booth Babes on his iPhone.  I laughed.  I just felt bad for these women, because I wouldn’t want to be wearing those costumes and heels all day.  It looks like hard work to be a Booth Babe.

Angry Husband’s FAVORITE THING of the day was to take a picture with Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch. He is a HUGE fan.  They are coming out with a Deadliest Catch game soon.  When the people told Angry Husband that Sig was going to be there, I think he silently squealed a little.

Erik, Sig Hansen, and Mike

I had an appointment with a game company while I was there.  I got a great view of a new online game for kids.  I will be doing a full review soon, like next week.  I was quite impressed.  But I did check out some other things while I was there.

Here are some of the things that impressed me:

glee Karaoke RevolutionHello, a Glee game!!! GLEE KARAOKE, which is even better.  I have a little secret.  I may sing along to Glee songs in my car, daily.

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

Lego Harry Potter.  Angry Kid is a HUGE fan of Lego games.  I told him about this game and he can’t wait for it to come out next week.

Wii Inflatable Racing Kart

These Wii Inflatable Karts are pretty cool. The controller goes in the steering wheel.

I was completely overstimulated when we leave at 5pm that day.  I could barely remember what I saw.  I thought it was bad at BlogHer last year with all of the people that I was talking to. Nope, this was worse.  I think I will be fine at BlogHer this year.  I was able to chat it up with these gamers.  My little trick was pretending to know what I was talking about, even though I had no clue.

And my word of the day for E3 was FACTION. Seriously, I heard that word over and over again.

I included a little slideshow of my photos above.  I’m sure you will notice Angry Husband and his “Booth Babes”.  Overall, I was quite impressed with E3.  I will go again next year if I can.  I will probably go more than one day so that I spend more time playing the actual games.
Disclosure: I was invited to E3 by Gazillion.  I want to thank them so much for this opportunity.  Ok, Angry Husband should be thanking them.  It was like he won the video game lottery that day.  I will be providing some game reviews at a later date.
Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy
Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

My husband was so sad to miss this! He's been playing Red Dead Redemption constantly since he bought. I'm super stoked for Harry Potter. I think it may "show up" in the house in the near future.


I am not a fan of video games, but those lego cars do look pretty cool.


That looks like so much fun! I love the inflatable karts, I think I may need one of those!


That's so cool you actually got to go. My husband and sons were glued to the TV watching, and at a volume I kept turning down when my husband would leave the room. Lego Harry Potter is on our short list, and I think we've already reserved Force Unleashed 2. If you reserve at Amazon, you get a $20 game credit when it ships. With the games we buy, it's totally worth it.