Summer is already too hectic for me

Summer started off with a bang! Angry Husband and I have both been quite swamped with work lately.  I think we are alternating with long days and late nights.  In between working, I’ve also been quite busy with some local events.

I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of Disney California Adventure’s World of Color show last Thursday night.  It was wonderful event complete with celebrities, the World of Color Show, and an after event.  I got to hang out with some great bloggers and play at California Adventure after hours when it was closed to the regular public.

I’m going to do an entire post about The World of Color and some other awesome things going on with Disneyland and California Adventure sometime later this week.  I literally have no time to even collect my thoughts about anything.  But I wanted to give you a sneak preview with some photographs, of course.


Lauren from Supermom Central and I. We were waiting for all of the celebrities to walk out onto the “blue” carpet.

Instead of having a “red” carpet, a beautiful “blue” carpet was laid out for the celebs to cross.  The people waiting along the fence were contest winners.

We had a fabulous time watching all of the who’s who strolling past us on the carpet.  I got several photos, since I’m quite the shutterbug.  I still have some more to edit.  I’m just going to leave you with these sneak peeks since I have so much more to share, but seriously, The World of Color ROCKED! Go to Disney California Adventure SOON, because you NEED to see it for your own eyes.

I may attended Disney on Friday morning also.  I had to hang out with my bloggy friends. Shhh, don’t tell Angry Kid.  He would be a little angry with me, if he found out that I went without him.

Wow, what a crazy weekend working.  I don’t think I’ve stopped to take a break at all.  We ended my work week tonight with a very short and random trip to Disneyland. It was super crazy busy, but we had a great time which may have ended with fireworks and funnel cake.

E3 Expo

I have to go to bed now, as it is after midnight, and I have another event to attend tomorrow. Yes, can you believe it, another FUN event.  I’m going to E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  I’m dragging, well not really, Angry Husband and his friend along with me.  They are both gamers, and quite excited about this event.

I can’t wait to check out all of the new cool video games.  I love video games, but I’m not good at them like I used to be.  I rocked Zelda in my day! Angry Kid could probably beat some adults at video games, he is that good.  Hopefully, I can get an E3 post up this week also.

Stay tuned! I am enjoying all of these fun things to do. Plus the weather has been so beautiful too!

P.S. Disney invited me to their event. I was provided admission, viewing of the show, and maybe some snacks.  I was also invited to E3 by a company also.  They did not influence me at all with their awesomeness.  Ok, maybe a little. But I was not forced at all to write about them.


Love that you use the word "awesomeness". Seems fitting!


My sister was one of those winners! She went with some of her friends and my mom that night...weird that you guys were in the same place at the same time! I'm so jealous!