I have appliance envy

At the end of April, I was invited to a trip in Scottsdale, Arizona by Bosch, along with several other fabulous bloggers.  Yes, that Bosch with the fabulous appliances. I went to their beautiful showroom and training facility for a tour and some instruction about their products, specifically their Vision Washers and Dryers. I have a problem with my own washer and dryer that I currently own, they make me angry.  Seriously, we’ve had nothing but service calls and problems with our current ones.


Bosch has a great facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They share this training/showroom facility with two other brands from their parent company, Thermador and Gaggenau.  I could tell that I’ve aged a little.  I got giddy when I saw all of these awesome household appliances.  I usually only get this excited when I enter the Louis Vuitton store, seriously.

We entered an area sectioned off for laundry appliances aka washers and dryers.  I think the word “appliances” sounds so much more sophisticated than washers and dryers.

Bosch Vision Laundry - 4

Meet the Bosch Vision Washer and Dryer.  Aren’t they beautiful?  These beauties can hang out side by side, or they can be stacked.  You get the best of both worlds with these snazzy appliances.  I think they are mom’s new little secret.  They are whisper quiet and have all of these really cool awesome technology aspects built in.  I learned more about these babies than any other appliance currently in my house.  I think that this phrase sums it up, “knowledge is power.” It was amazing, seriously amazing to find out what these washers and dryers do.  There are so many features, well I’m just going to outline them for ya!

Vision washers and dryers use an advanced network of sensors and intelligent controls, to deliver the most efficient performance without compromising cleaning results. In Vision washers, this network continuously analyzes the wash cycle and automatically adjusts water level, temperature and suds level. Water savings are amplified with ActiveWater™, a system that uses 70% less water per load than the industry average. In Vision dryers, sensors detect remaining moisture throughout the cycle to lower the energy usage.


The ActiveWater system multiplies the cleaning power of each gallon of water. Combined with advanced sensor technology, Vision uses just 13 gallons of water per load while delivering the cleaning power of 400 gallons.
Curved Vision paddles effectively saturate clothing by lifting and “raining” water as clothes are gently tumbled inside the drum.

The dryer’s EcoSensor® measures the moisture level of the clothes and adjusts cycle length and heat level automatically for efficient and gentle drying.

The Bosch exclusive EcoAction® feature is available on all Vision washers and dryers. With just the simple push of a button, consumers can reduce energy use by up to 20% per wash load and 10% per dry cycle.

*Cleaning Performance

The washer’s ActiveClean™ system adjusts the number of rinse cycles for custom cleaning results.

The exclusive Stain Removal option tackles all stain types in one convenient wash cycle.

New specialized wash cycles such as Baby Care and Allergy Rinse are ideal for family members with sensitive skin or detergent allergies.

The Bosch Vision ActiveDry™ system utilizes the moisture sensor and intelligent controls to deliver the exact level of dryness selected by the user.

*Thoughtful Engineering

A new Anti-Vibration System makes Vision one of the lowest vibration washers on the market.

Bosch’s exclusive AquaStop® Leak Protection System is the only laundry system on the market that prevents major water damage to the home from an unlikely leak in the machine or hoses.


We had Chris, from Bosch, who was an awesome instructor in all things, laundry.  He educated us about the products, stain treatments, how to pre-treat stains, you name it.  But the best part about our laundry training, we got to create some laundry.

We took some brand new white t-shirts, and applied some “stains” to them.  It was quite fun.  I think Angry Kid would have enjoyed this experiment.  Actually I think all of our kids would have enjoyed this experiment with laundry.


We put our shirts into the washing machine while we began our lunch preparation.  We were able to see the finished and laundered shirts the next day.  Most, almost all of the stains came out.  Some of the other bloggers, got a little excited with the chocolate sauce.

Oh, did you see me say, “lunch preparation”?  That’s right, we made our own lunch.  We split into two groups, pizzas and fish tacos.  Well if you all know me, I went for the pizza group.  Angry Julie doesn’t eat anything that once swam or lived in water.

Learning how to make pizza at Bosch

Shanna from My Favorite Everything took this photo of me.  I look a little confused when the chef is trying to show me how to properly “toss a pizza”.  Seriously, it wasn’t easy, and I had tiny holes from my thumbs in my dough.  I magically pieced it all back together with some extra dough.

Shanna also took a picture of me with the finished product, before it went into the oven.  I was quite proud of my little pizza.  It was even edible.  It was cooked in a Bosch oven. Can you believe that? Yea, I know, it was actually a functioning showroom.  The crust on my pizza was perfect and delicious.

Angry Julie and Pizza

During lunchtime, I was able to walk around and explore more of the showroom.  Even though this particular training was about laundry, I got to see all of the other appliances that Bosch manufactures.  We are in an awkward stage with our house right now. We moved in five years ago, and had to buy new appliances almost immediately.  It was one of the higher points in the real estate market at the time.  We did not have much money to budget for new appliances, so we shopped for basically the “cheapest” that we could find.  Well obviously, cheaper was not the best option.  Angry Husband and i have decided that we are going to do a bit more research when we eventually re-do our kitchen and buy new appliances.  I was a little spoiled by Bosch, and after learning about all of their features, I am SOLD.

Look all of the dishes in the dishwasher.  I love the silverware drawer on the top.  It is so much better than the cheesy plastic basket that we put our silverware in.


I was quite impressed with the Thermador appliances also.  I would like to call those, “when I win the lottery and buy me McMansion Appliances”.  They were beautiful, and so was the elaborate cabinetry that they were placed in.  I took a picture of Sarah, hanging out with the refrigerators.


I had a great mini vacation in Scottsdale, and met some wonderful new friends.  I may have relaxed a little too.  I will have to do another post, just about our hotel, the Intercontinental Montelucia.  I gave a little teaser about the event and the Hotel in April.

Right before we left to go home. Yes, we had to actually leave the beautiful resort, we were able to get a group picture.

Bosch Hamper to Hanger Event Group Photo

I borrowed this photo from Shanna.  She has a great site, and I also love her photos.

Back Row left: Elizabeth I Traded my BMW for a Minivan, Sugar Sugar in the Raw, Jennifer The Dirty Shirt, Katie La Jolla Mom, Shanna My Favorite Everything, Jen Tiny Oranges

Front Row left: Sarah Organized Mom, Jocelyn Hip Mama’s Place, Jamie Savvy Housewife, Linda Peachhead, Me, Caryn Rockin Mama

Disclosure: I would like to thank Bosch for this trip and all of the education that they provided.  It was a paid trip, but they didn’t force me (aka tie me up and stick a computer in my hand) to write this post.  I had a great time, learned a lot, and want everything Bosch. That’s the truth.


I'm drooling over the washer and dryer. My house has like the first washer and dryer ever made and I'm not kidding.


I love your shirts in both pictures.... Any help for another Orange County chick as to where they are from??? :-)


I have a bosch dishwasher. it came with our house. its SO quiet, I seriously have to touch it to see if its on. but it doesnt dry well. Im chalking it up to not knowing how old it is and that everything else in this house was half-a$$ed by the previous owners, so there must be SOMEWAY they did it to the dishwasher too. that said- I WILL replace it with another bosch. and I am IN LOVE with that silver wear drawer on the top!!! GENIUS!


So jealous. I am still kicking myself for not putting in a Bosch dishwasher. All my appliances had to "match" according to me and my ocd.


I know how you feel about giddiness due to appliances! My hubby works for a company that sells high end appliances and we won an Electrolux washer and dryer. They are SOOO nice! I was glowing with excitement when he told me we won! So, I feel you there!

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

I knew that I was a mom, when I got soo excited about those appliances..I was mentally decorating my house with them. So sad. I think you need an appliance makeover!

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

The cream colored one is a Lucky brand shirt. I got it at Nordstrom at So. Coast. The gray one is something I got at a boutique like two years. It is at the dry cleaners, otherwise I would tell you the brand.

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

I love Bosch. I want to save up a gazillion dollars and put all Bosch products in my kitchen. Maybe I just need to get adopted by a rich family?

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

I have that "ocd" issue also. Hence, why I'm waiting to get everything new and matchy matchy.

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

Awww thanks!!! I was so excited to see decent photos of myself. Good thing for bloggers or I would never have any good pics of myself.

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

Ohhh Electrolux sooo fancy!!! That makes me think of Kelly Ripa. So are they awesome?


good plan! let me know when you find one, and if they need to get you a sister :) I just *might* be available! P.S.- my kid just walked in and saw your bloggy backround as Im typing this. He said "OOOOH! A vacation! Can we go on this vacation to Hawaii???" and pointed to all the cute little guys floating around. lmao.