5th Birthday Celebration

This is a little late, about two weeks or so, but I’ve been quite swamped lately.  Plus, I had to edit all of the pictures. We had Angry Kid’s Birthday Party on a Friday night at Scooter’s Jungle, which is a bounce type place here in Orange County. The party was from 6:30-9pm.  Angry Husband questioned me when I scheduled the party at that time.  I told him that Saturdays have been taken over by sports and other activities.  It is getting harder and harder, as Angry Kid gets older, to schedule “the perfect time”.  I figured that it was Friday night, and the kids could stay up a little later that night.

I wasn’t surprised at all, ok maybe a little that almost EVERYONE that we invited showed up. Seriously, Angry Kid had his biggest birthday party ever.  We had a ton of people, which was over 23 kids and 30 adults.  It was a good thing that I selected the Ultimate Party rather than the Jr.

All of the kids had a great time playing, and they found something that was perfect for their size.  The little kids climbed, crawled, and slid down all of the obstacles.




And the even bigger kids (adults) also got in on some of the action.  Angry Husband had quite a fun time.  He even had some bumps and bruises later that night from all of the fun.




After all of the playing, we had some fruit and vegetable snacks.  Look at me, the healthy mom, who knew! And some cupcakes of course!






I had to do the ritual of goodie bags. Which I wish we could stop that ritual.  I did a simple bag with coloring pages (printed out from the net), some fruit snacks (bulk from Costco), bouncy balls (Party City), bubbles (Party City), and these awesome Lego crayons that I had made (Gaddy Nipper Crayons).

Lego Crayon Party Favors

After the party was over with, we were all famished.  Yes, it was 9pm. Normal people would have gone home. Oh no, we headed to Chili’s.  Angry Kid ordered his usual, an adult size platter of ribs and rice, along with a birthday treat!


I’m quite happy we our finally done with all of the Birthday celebrating.  Now if someone would just come to our house and pick up all of these Legos and Star Wars toys!


WTG Mama-san!!! Scooters Jungle rocks!! Looks like everyone had an awesome time..esp the birthday boy!! LOVE the ribs pic @ Chilis. lol.


Sounds like a great party. Our daughter is turning 5 in a couple of weeks too!


Looks like a fun time for all! You sure know how to party! :-)


what a day!!! we love scooters jungle!

sharon garofalow
sharon garofalow

I still have a burn on my elbow from one of those slides!! Parties there are fun. And the clean up is awesome, because you don't have to do it! :) S-


heres another vote for no more goodie bags!!! its generally either candy or junk, and just more money to spend! What happened to the good ol' days of writing a thank-you note for coming to the party???? looks like a great time though- AK is a lucky kid! I wish wish wish we had a bounce place here. but my tiny little coastal town has nada!