Spotlight Saturday: 05.09 to 05.15.10

Spotlight Saturday

Here are FIVE of my favorite posts from the past week. Each week I will be highlighting some of my favorites. I have many blogs in my reader, as I have many friends with all different types of “niches” or “non-niches”. I will post serious stories, fun stories, pictures, recipes, etc. They will most likely be in a random order.

1.  Mama’s Losin’ It-How To Grow Your Blog

Some great tips there.  Her tip “titles” are pretty hilarious too. Who wouldn’t laugh at, “And Most Importantly…Write Gooder.”

2. Mommy Niri-5 Reasons Big Bloggers Need to be Nice to Small Bloggers

The blogging world can sometimes be like high school with cliques and mean girls.  She outlines why everyone should just be nice to each other.

3. Life with my 3 Boybarians-Sweet Shot Tuesday

Darcy hosted a photo carnival every Tuesday. She always has great prizes too. You do not have to be a professional photographer.  It is a great blog/post if you want to show off some great photos that you took.  I’m always up late Monday nights trying to get my photo post done.

4.  Let’s have a cocktail-Homeade Peanut Butter Cups

One word: YUM! Don’t these sound delicious.

5.  Momfluential Media-Fashion Haul Friday, Share Your Shopping

Ciaran talks about a new trend-Fashion Hauling. She does a vlog (video blog) showing some of the things that she recently bought.  This is a great way to get into vlogging, as you have a topic to easily vlog about. And really, who doesn’t like vlogging?


I always love your spotlight Saturdays! Even if I never get to them til Sunday!


Oh! I haven't heard of all of these :) Got to check some of them out. Hope you've had a great weekend!