Spotlight Saturday: 05.02 to 05.08.10

Spotlight Saturday

Here are FIVE of my favorite posts from the past week. Each week I will be highlighting some of my favorites. I have many blogs in my reader, as I have many friends with all different types of “niches” or “non-niches”. I will post serious stories, fun stories, pictures, recipes, etc. They will most likely be in a random order.

I did not do Spotlight Saturday last week because I was out of town. I hope y’all forgive me as I had absolutely no time to read blogs. My reader has over a 1,000 blog posts to read right now.

1. Tales from the Sippy Cup: Yeah, my toddler Skypes-doesn’t everyone’s?

Shari rocks.  I finally met her recently in person. She’s dragging me over to her house soon so I can help coordinate paint colors. Anyway, Skype is awesome. I can’t say enough good things about Skype.  I used to use GChat and Facebook Messaging for chatting with my friends. I use Skype chat now. LOVE IT!

2.  The Happy Housewife-How to Win Swag Bucks

I’ve heard about Swag Bucks and never knew what they were. This is a great post explaining how to win them. Can you believe she bought a new iMac with her winnings? How awesome is that.

3.  Infarrantly Creative-Shirred Summer Dress

What a great re-fashion of a skirt found at The Salvation Army. She is so creative. I wish I knew how to sew.

4.  Riding with Jessica-WiseStamp-E-Mail Signature Tool

Jessica shows how this Firefox Add-On can great a personalized signature for your gmail account.

5.  Aura-Joon: Love Our Earth Week-Backyard Farming

Great photographs and a great idea. Now I just wish my backyard was a little bigger. But then again, our yippy dogs would probably chew on the vegetables.


i'm new to the blog-world so to find a list of nice blogs on here is awesome! thanks for this post. i'll be following for sure. :)

Riding with Jessica
Riding with Jessica

Thanks for sharing my post Julie! I love the email signature tool Wisestamp. Now I have to check the other posts out!

Rachel of Fabumom
Rachel of Fabumom

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing and supporting some awesome bloggers. I'll be sure to check theses out.