Clash at Clairemont IV

On Saturday, Angry Kid and I trekked to San Diego from Orange County. It as quite the journey as there was a ton of traffic and it took us two plus hours.  Luckily, I had good music on, and Angry Kid had his iTouch to play on. We were headed to the 4th Annual “Clash at Clairemont”. This was our second time going to this event as we went last year and had a great time.

Upon arrival, we instantly headed for the vert ramp.  There was a huge crowd and after listening to the announcer, I knew why.  Tony Hawk was presently on deck, showing his “awesomesauce”. We were able to sit down in time and catch Tony and several others rippin’ it.  Unfortunately, we were behind a net and my photos were quite blurry from the net.  But it was awesome, I promise.

After watching the vert ramp for a bit, we headed on to look for some food. Angry Kid was getting hungry.  I gave him and he was able to chose popcorn and lemonade.  He sat and people watched while eating.

Angry Kid noshing on some popcorn

After Angry Kid chowed down we got in line. They were prepping for the autograph session.  I remember the line being very very very long last year, so I jumped in line early this year.  We weren’t very far back but the line went on forever.


I think waiting in line for the autograph session was a success.  Angry Kid was able to run around and “play” on the ramps while I patiently waited.  I was in line for over an hour, in the hot sun.  But look at all the wonderful skateboarders that we got to meet. While getting our autographs, I got to talking about Twitter.  Wait until you see the Twitter inspired autographs we got.

Autograph Session 2 Clash at Clairemont IV

After getting our autographs, we headed back to the car.  I had to put away some of the goodies that we had collected.  I have a ton of stickers, posters, and one very cool skateboard deck. Angry Kid was getting tired and requested that I grab the stroller. Poor kid, it was hot and late.  He was a trooper though. I was able to secure a Monster for myself, but Angry Kid grabbed it from me. He took one sip and made a face.  I had to take a picture though, because everyone kept staring at me. He was only HOLDING the can.

Angry Kid is a Monster Thief.

We were able to meet up with RockDaMullet in front of the Vans’ bus.  He was gracious enough to “jump into” this photo with Angry Kid.  I’m giving a big shout out to RockDaMullet as he invited us to Clash at Clairemont the past two years.

Angry Kid and @RockDaMullet

But really, enough of the photos of Angry Kid. You can see him anytime. We were there for a skateboarding show. So here’s some of the awesome pictures that I was able to capture.  I was there with Angry Kid by myself, so I had to watch a crazy kid and get my photos in.





We were also able to catch the band “Saosin” play. Angry Kid was rockin’ out.  He asked me to put their music on my iPhone. He was dancing around and almost creating his own little mosh pit.  Angry Kid likes his angry music.  It’s hereditary. We can’t help it.

Saosin 1

Saosin 2

Saosin 3

One of the best parts of this event, was that it was for charity. It was to promote the Mission Valley YMCA and The Grind For Life Foundation.  Grind For Life was founded in 2003 by skateboarder, Mike Rogers, after his second battle with sarcoma cancer.  The mission of the Grind For Life organization is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. In addition, we educate and inspire these patients and families concerning cancer survival and recovery.

Grind For Life and Angry Kid

We had a great time and left with many memories.  Thanks to all the great people who put on this show, and all the new friends I made. Angry Kid had a blast.  He will forever love his new skate deck. Notice all the autographs.  Even if you look close enough, you will notice that several of the skateboarders also signed the deck with their Twitter handle. Gotta love social media!

Angry Kid and his autographed deck from Clash at Clairemont

Miracle Pending
Miracle Pending

So adorable! I'm from California as well. This makes me want a boy since DH skateboards as well.


my son would have a blast watching something like this!! happy sits day


Looked like a lot of fun! Makes me miss CA--I have a lot of fam in the OC. I'm ready to come back & visit! Your pics made me want to go today!!!


I'm sure I should have got more out of this, but nice BOB stroller :P