Spotlight Saturday 03.07 to 03.13.10

Spotlight Saturday

Here are FIVE of my favorite posts from the past week. Each week I will be highlighting some of my favorites. I have many blogs in my reader, as I have many friends with all different types of “niches” or “non-niches”. I will post serious stories, fun stories, pictures, recipes, etc. They will most likely be in a random order.

1. Life with My 3 Boybarians-What is a permalink? How do I find mine?

Darcy talks about finding a permalink in your blog posts.  She also shows you how to add your permalink to link-ups.

2. For The Mommas-Getting Real with Your Finances

Shannon is a frugal blogger, with a MBA in Accounting.  She talks about budgeting and spread sheets.

3. Better in Bulk-How To Be A Happier Mom in 8 Easy Steps

Eight easy steps to remember in your stressed out daily life. We all need to take some time and smell the roses.

4.  Kara’s Party Ideas-Candy Shoppe Party

This was actually a wedding, not just a party. I love all the vivid colors used. Swoon….

5.  Shuggilippo: Speeches are for presidents and valedictorians

Jess talks about going to the infamous 2 yr appointment with her son, and being told that he needs speech therapy.

The (Un)Expeirenced Mom
The (Un)Expeirenced Mom

Thanks for highlighting great posts, as usual. Going to head over and check some out! Tamara


The candy shoppe wedding is fabulous!!! I need to have another wedding. I have so many new wedding ideas now!

Lee of MWOB
Lee of MWOB

I love this idea!! Spotlight Saturday! Awesome. I'm now going to look for your email around this place to ask you about Chicago stuff... :-) Lee