We set out to sea for an adventure

A few weeks ago, my BFF, Stacey texted me.  She wanted to know if Angry Kid and I wanted to go whale watching. I looked at the text for a few moments and responded.  Well you can only guess my response right now was something like, “sure, when, and how much?”  She told me that she would make the arrangements, and forward the information to me later when it was all confirmed.

Well she confirmed the details and sent me the place and time. Now all we had to do was show up.  What I didn’t expect was to go on a boat ride, the day after a tsunami warning. Good timing, right? But I chanced it, and took a even bigger risk.  I did not take anything for seasickness.  I figured, well, I can just lean over the side of the boat if I get sick, right?


Angry Kid and Stella were very excited to go on the boat.  I was a bit hesitant after seeing the waves coming in on the nearby jetty.  But we managed to go aboard the boat.  They warned us that the waves might be a little, umm choppy. I could already see the way going over the jetty, but I somehow managed to get onto the boat.  Angry Kid stood along the side rail and watching as we pulled out of the Dana Point Harbor towards the Pacific Ocean.


As the pulled out of the main harbor area, that is when the waves really started.  They were coming at full force.  It got quite rocky.  I made Angry Kid sit on the bench next to me. Stella was hanging onto Stacey and was not moving.  Here’s a picture of the waves we endured.


We went out about five miles from shore and went around from left to right. The Captain said that they saw some water spouts in the air, so we headed towards that way.  All of the rocking and motion from the waves was putting Angry Kid to sleep.  I was trying to keep myself from puking, and Angry Kid was sleeping.

Angry Kid Falling Asleep

Well we went from side to side in these choppy waves on the hunt for blow holes and whales. We did not see any whales. But we did see a great big pod of common dolphins frolicking in the ocean. They were a riot. They were doing flips and jumps, as we went by.  We stopped for a few minutes as they put on a show for us.


Dolphins off of Dana Point Harbor

Angry Kid decided that he would get up from his boat-induced nap to check out the dolphins. I kept telling him that there were dolphins around the boat, but he did not believe me. He finally got up to check them out himself.

Angry Kid Checking Out Dolphins

I wasn’t able to capture some of the dolphins “better” tricks, but Stacey did.  I found this photo on Facebook and had to “borrow it”.  This dolphin was quite the acrobat.

Dolphin Jumping Out of Water

With all of the turning that the boat was doing, added with the waves, Angry Kid got a little sick.  He told me that he needed to go to the potty.  He looked a little “green”. I said, “do you have to puke?” He nodded.  I told him to just puke over the side of the boat.  He looked at me, with a crazy look.  I said, “It’s ok, you can just stick your head over the side and feed the fishes.”  So he proceeded to do that. This was one of my most awesome parenting days, because he refused to eat breakfast and I didn’t force him.  It was probably a good idea that he had not eaten anything.  He sat down after his “episode”. With the boat rocking, and the water spraying on us, he proceeded to fall asleep again.

Comforting Angry Kid from the waves

Stacey took the picture above. Once again, I “borrowed” it from her Facebook. I’m a good friend like that.

As we came closer towards the Harbor, we saw a red buoy that it appeared to have some “natives” on it.  The boat went out of its way to cruise towards it.  I woke Angry Kid up to go and check it out. Stella got just as excited and went to the side of the boat with him.

Looking at the Sea Lions from afar

Once we got into the Harbor, the water current slowed down. Angry Kid got up and walked around. He announced that he felt all better now. He proceeded to climb up to the second deck with Stella. Stacey went up there also to supervise.  I had already gone up there prior to “find” Angry Kid.  I have issues with the height and was not going to climb up there again.

Climbing up to the second deck

After an almost two hour tour, we headed back towards the dock.  I was kinda excited, as my stomach was churning a little.  I freak out about everything.  I was pretty proud of myself that I did not get sick.  I gave myself a little pat on the back for that. I love the view of the dock from the boat.  The building is The Ocean Institute and the boat on the dock is The Spirit of Dana Point, a 118-ft. topsail schooner.

The Spirit of Dana Point and The Ocean Institute

I made Angry Kid run to the bow (front) of the boat.  I made him stick his arms out. I was trying to get a little “Titanic” photo. Of course, he had no idea on what I was doing. I said “learn forward, and stick your arms out”. This is what I got.

Bow of the Boat and Angry Kid

And of course, we had Stella and Angry Kid take a photo together. I’m sure in a few years, they will refuse. But we have to get our cute pictures of them together while we can now. Stella is only two months older than Angry Kid.  But she is much taller by several inches.  They’ve totally got the Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise thing going on with their height differences.

Angry Kid and Stella posing on the bow

Well we got off the boat, and headed for lunch after this. Angry Kid was fine and so was I.  We survived our whale watching trip and boat ride. We got to see some pretty cool common dolphins and some lazy sea lions.  Angry Husband asked me if “we saw any whales”.  I said, “no”.  He argued with me about, “isn’t that the point of going whale watching?”  I told him that in all my years of taking Marine Biology and living near the Coast, I barely saw a whale one time.  It is pretty much an urban legend to see a whale on a whale watching trip. But I’m ok with that.

P.S. This was not a sponsored post. Stacey is a HUGE fan of The Ocean Institute and their programs.  They even have Spring and Summer Camps.

P.P.S. My computer got very excited with my ocean pictures. They are a tad blue.  The ocean is more of a green color.

P.P.P.S. I’m good with this whale watching trip.  I don’t plan on owning or going on any yachts in the near future.


If you ever make your way to the east coast of Canada to the Bay of Fundy...come whale watching with me, I will show you some whales :)


I really loved this post. You and Stace are Brave. One look at those waves, and I would have ran in the opposite direction. Kudos to Stacey for taking a beautiful pic of you and the Baby (yes, he will always be referred to as Baby by me).


Sounds like a fun trip, other than the puke and feeling green, yuck!


Sounds like a once in a lifetime adventure! LOVE the pics! Esp the one w/ u huddled w/ ure son. Priceless!


I've been wanting to go whale watching - but I get motion sick very easily. I hadn't considered that I may 1.) get sick and 2.) not see any whales! Cute kids!


Kind of a bummer that many whale watching trips come back without seeing a single whale. But it sounded like a great trip. Makes me want to book one. And Dolphins are cool.


I can't believe you didn't see any whales! Oh well- it still looks like a great time and dolphins are fun too :)

Calif Lorna
Calif Lorna

I'm with Angry Husband! I think I'd be really disappointed if I didn't see a whale on a whale watching trip. But it looked as though you had a great trip which is the main thing!


Wow, you are a lot braver than I'll ever be! Seeing the photos of the waves you endured almost made me yack up my breakfast and I'm on solid ground. I'm glad Angry Kid felt better after feeding the fish - and was able to rebound. I'm always amazed at the resiliency of kids. Pictures were beautiful - especially loved the dolphins and the cute picture of Angry Kid and Stella!

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

Yea. I held it in. Google some whale watching videos. You will be fine. Me and boating are not friends.

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