Little Sausages and Cox

Guest Post from my BFF, Stacey:

Stacey, has some funny stories to tell. I can’t always remember everything we talk about, so I asked her to type this up.  My damn ADD makes me wacky. I should probably change my blog title to, “Inappropriate conversations with a four year old”.

Here are two of the latest stories from Stacey:

My Brother-in-law is an amazing cook. It truly is his passion, and he’s great at it! He’s taken many classes in through community college in the culinary arts and even tried his hand at Le Cordon Bleu culinary program, which he unfortunately couldn’t finish, because that place is really expensive and his financial aid didn’t come through. He had to leave the program after one semester. We were all really sad for him. He’s worked in catering and restaurants since high school (15+ years). Since the end of Le Cordon Bleu experience, he’s had a child and worked random jobs to support his son, but his passion is in the kitchen. I’m so proud of him for recently returning back to community college to pursue his culinary talent! The college held a tasting on campus about a month ago and he was invited with a few select other advanced students to participate in a tasting with investors, local foodies and area restaurants to show off their culinary skills. He made a couple different dishes and decided to make one of his favorites of his tasting menu for Christmas Eve when I was up there. It was an Orzo with 3 different sausages. Knowing that I’m a foodie he asked what I thought. I had no idea which sausages were which. So I told him what I was about to say was going to come out inappropriate, he looked at me oddly (which I’m used to) and said, “I really liked the dish, it was amazing, I love the big sausages, but I don’t like the little sausages”. And yea, a few people walked away from the table with red faces.

Holiday Sausage

On a completely different note but still things that aren’t meant to be inappropriate but somehow are: I was on the phone with Angry Julie the other day complaining about how my iPhone isn’t compatible with Cox (my local internet/phone/cable provider) and, that if I move by her I’m still going to have Cox. I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and change my email address. Well Angry Toddler was in the back seat overhearing her and I talk about Cox Communications and he, oh so innocently asks, ” Mommy, what’s Cox?” I died laughing for a good minute or two and Julie and I both agreed that Cox Communications is the most ill named internet provider out there. I swear that every time I give out my email address …, I giggle a little bit in my head, and feel a little like Beavis and Butthead.


I did forget to add that my Brother-In-law has this recipe on his website, linked above, in his December 2009 archives, a couple posts down. It is delicious and well worth making!!! I'm waiting until I can find some big sausages ;-)