Girl’s Night Out

Earlier this month, I headed to San Diego with my carpool partner, Ciaran.  We were going to a Girl’s Night Out and/or Tweet-Up in Solana Beach at the Pacific Coast Grill.  I had never met any of the women that we are meeting up with, but I’ve chatted with them online. We sat on the 5 Freeway, for quite a while, but we eventually made it there.

I’m usually pretty shy at first.  Seriously, I am. I’m always hesitant to talk to people, but I warm up.  I had some good food in me, and then got to gabbing with the girls. We talked about our blogs, Twitter, our children, and life.  I found things I had in common with the other women, besides being Angry.

The Big Chill

The best part of my night? You want to know?  I won an OgieKanogie coat from @rockonmommies. I had some recent “coat issues” just the day before.  It was definitely a karma coat for me, perfect timing. After a long and fun night, we headed home towards the “Orange Curtain”. I can’t wait till the next event!

Shown in photo:
@hipmamaB (far left, shiny tank)
@carriejs (front left, red/silver/black blouse)
@gingeranderson (front, just left of center, black shirt)
@muffintinmom (front, center, bright pink shirt)
@lolagoetz (front, right, black shirt, glasses)
@picklesugarplum (front, right, pink shirt, glasses)

@lajollamom (left back, black shirt)
@sitsgirls (left, back, blue shirt)
@mrsnatalie (just left of center, middle row, white blouse, yellow jacket)
@diprofio24 (Center, middle row, purple cardigan)
@cathynguyen (center, middle row, black shirt)
@momfluential (just right of center, middle row, white cardigan over black shirt)
@sugarjones (middle row, right, red shirt)
@angryjulie (middle row, right end, black cardigan over dark shirt)

@rockonmommies (far back, center, blonde hair, black shirt)
@iizliz (far back, center, black hair, black shirt)
@robynwitt (towards right end, on very back/up high, black shirt)
@3wordtweets (far right, back row, glasses)

P.S. Since this event, I’ve already chatted with several of these women, more in-depth via blog comments and Twitter. How awesome is that. Oh, and a huge thanks to @SugarJones for organizing this event.


oh my gosh... how fun! I live in Laguna Niguel. I totally recognize a few of these ladies! how cool :)

Bridget Willard
Bridget Willard

I've always been afraid to go to tweetups for the same reason. Thanks for this encouraging blog post.


How fun does that look? I'm jealous! By the way, I need some techie help. I got P a Phillips mp3 player and want to put some of the songs I purchased on itunes on there for him. Is the only way to burn a CD from itunes and then import that CD into to Windows Media and put them on there from there? Does that make sense???? I'm lost!