Habro’s “HEROES”


Are you looking for some last minute stocking stuffers? Are you in a panic? I know that I am.  I always doubt myself.  I plan out all of the “big” gifts for the Holiday Season, but sometimes, I forget the little things. Angry Toddler loves to play with little things. He rarely pulls out “the big toys”, go figure. I love these “Heroes” created by Hasbro. They are unique two-inch scale characters. They retail at $5.99 and are for ages 3 & up. They can be found at local toy stores: Target, K-Mart, Walmart, and online also.

The various “Heroes” line-ups available are:

  • Robot Heroes (Transformers)
  • Combat Heroes (G.I. Joe)
  • Galactic Heroes (Star Wars)
  • Super Hero Squad (Marvel)


I can’t wait for Angry Toddler to see these in his stocking Christmas morning.  I’m sure that we will have to collect the entire collection. And for $5.99, I’m not too worried about the cost. These would also be awesome potty training incentives.  I would rather give this as a token of achievement, rather than candy.

Disclosure: A package of Galatic Heroes was provided for my review.