Friday Fun: The Summer Fun Tag

I’m a total slacker and got busy yesterday. I was enjoying some “summer fun”. One Fabulous Mom tagged me with this little quiz that I thought I would share. So in reality, it’s Saturday Fun for me.

Favorite Summer Movie:
Nothing really sticks out. I did like The Hangover

Favorite Summer Cocktail: Any kind of fruity margarita

Favorite Summer Song: Anything Reggae

Favorite Summer Meal: My new fav, Thai Delight from Sno on the Go (Thnx Kelly)

Favorite Summer Outfit: My leopard dress that I got from Nordstrom and wore to BlogHer.

Favorite Summer Reading: The Girls of Ames and all of my co-worker, Jen’s, magazines that she leaves me.

Favorite Summer Moment:
The 3rd of July. What a crazy day it was with Stacey and the kiddos.

How about you? I would usually tag someone here, but we are all super busy, so feel free to tag yourself and do this little fun quiz.

The photo above is from San Clemente, CA. I took it while I was running yesterday. Ok, well I did stop to take the picture.

Suz Broughton
Suz Broughton

LOVE the photo and the effect. Picnik rules!I haven't read one book this summer. I can't believe it. It's just been that busy.

The Mrs.
The Mrs.

Need to see a pic of you in the leopard dress!!!


Always love a good book rec. I will check out that title.