Spring Cleaning

I’m in the midst of it right now.

I’ve been on a roll for about three weeks now. Exactly when I started my vacation. I do this every year, without fail. I purge, I organize, I recycle, I sell. This is what Julie does. I’m pretty successful at it too. I’ve even had Angry Husband join in. I’ve sold over a $1000 worth of stuff on Craig’s List. I’ve gone to Tar-jay and bought some organizing accessories. I’ve thrown away a ton of stuff. So much trash that I had to take my stuff to my friend’s business trash dumpster yesterday. My trash was FULL.

But after going through boxes in the garage, I found the following items:

1. Outfits for our dogs. We got the dogs about a year before Angry Toddler. They were well dressed. These outfits included Halloween costumes.
2. Pictures. Of me, not soo skinny..Almost want to burn them.
3. Exercise equipment. Including my broken-in softball glove that I got in the 6th grade.
4. Bags. I seem to collect bags from the stores at the mall. (You know, the nice handled ones.)

I found a ton of stuff that either I was looking for and/or I didn’t need.

Angry Husband has been telling his partner at work about all of my cleaning, selling, etc. His partner asked if there was something going on between us. Angry Husband replied, “Nope, this is Julie. She does this every Spring.”

Allyson and Dave
Allyson and Dave

I collect the nice shopping bags too!! People laughed at me when I went to exchange a pair of tennis shoes in a Tiffany's bag. But I threw away the plastic Footlocker bag. Tiffany's was all I had.

Migraine Mom
Migraine Mom

Oh please come and clean my house...it so needs it! :) First time commenter...I've read on and off since Mama Drama Uncensored and I finally added you to my blog list so I don't lose your site again...I can relate to a lot of things your write aboue!

Chic Runner
Chic Runner

Your hubs is so cute with his response! :) Spring Cleaning is good for everyone.