Yep, We got on the cupcake bandwagon!

We hopped up on the cupcake bandwagon this past weekend. Saturday, is Operation Entertain Angry Toddler so I can sleep day. Stacey, my BFF, and I took the kids out to breakfast at IHOP (nasty, will never ever set foot in that establishment again!) and then went to a little mini-mall area in Newport Beach.

While we were leaving breakfast, Stacey asked where Sprinkles Cupcakes was? I said, ohh, the land of the almost $4.00 cupcake. Well I gave her the directions and we went on our way. We did some walking around when we got there.

I found all kinds of lovely things that I wanted at Tommy Bahama. I wish everything wasn’t $100+. Me and my expensive-ass taste. It always gets me in trouble.

So we finally arrived at Sprinkles. Stacey got (3) cupcakes for her family and I got two. Angry Toddler picked out the vanilla one and I picked out the coconut flavor.

I made Angry Toddler wait until we got home to eat the cupcake. For $3.25, he was going to ENJOY IT. Ok, well maybe I wanted to enjoy mine. Angry Toddler ate (2) bites of his when we got home. Angry Husband ate most of mine, as I only ate one bite. I’ve brought Sprinkles home before, and Angry Husband was not very impressed. It seemed like he liked their stuff this time.


Mmm! I wanta friggin' cupcake now damn it!

Little O' Me
Little O' Me

Looks like he's enjoying that cupcake!! makes me wish I was back at the cupcakery in St. Louis!!!!


Aahh! The Cupcake.I agree with you, Sprinkles is overrated. If you like to bake, I suggest "the cupcake doctor". My kids love to bake (read: I bake and clean, the lick the bowl) so I make mini cupcakes with banana puree instead of all the good stuff. The good news is you can still use the box cake. I have been trapped inside for days, the stomach flu is running through our house like a Tijuana hot dog. Enjoy the cupcakes.Pesha

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