Where I found Angry Toddler this A.M.

Angry Toddler has a bad habit of roaming in the early morning hours. I always check on him when he’s still sleeping, about every 15 minutes. I’m usually awake at about 6am, but I let him sleep till about 7:45, then I get him up for preschool.

I went to check on him at 7:45, right on time and could not locate him. Last time, he did this, I found him in the garage with the dogs. He had gone out our sliding glass door and climbed through the doggy door.

So he was in the closet, going through all of my jewelry. Ugh!!!! There was stuff everywhere. I have to clean it all up now. I’m going to move my jewelry box somewhere else. I know he’s been eyeing it in the corner of the closet for a few days. I think he just waited for the right moment to strike.

My Charmed Life
My Charmed Life

how in the hell did you see him in there? I would have freaked b/c I would have never found him in that corner!!!!