Toy Story Mania

We had the opportunity last week to check out a new ride at Disney’s California Adventure. I got an e-mail about a month ago about this new ride, Toy Story Mania. I had the opportunity to enter for a chance to preview the ride. I got an e-mail that we had been selected to preview the ride on June 12th, from 4-6pm.

We picked Angry Toddler up from preschool after Angry Husband got home from work. We jumped in my truck and headed to Disney.

I thought that we might have to wait a bit for this preview. But, we got on the ride really fast. It’s a pretty cool ride. It’s 3D based. You have these guns and you shoot at screens. On the screens are carnival games. You shoot at the different sequences.

It was a very cool ride. Angry Toddler didn’t quite get the 3-D thing and kept taking off his glasses. Angry Husband and I both agreed that this ride will be packed when it opens on the 17th. There’s no way we will ever get on it again for a long time, without waiting forever.