Life Dealing with AT’s Preschool

As I have posted previously, we’ve had some issues with Angry Toddler and preschool recently. His behavior has been atrocious.

We’ve had some serial biting incidents that came out of nowhere. The first time they happened, we realized it was being caused by some allergy meds, Singulair, that he was taking. Apparently he was the .00005% that was have aggressive behavior, seizures, and bronchitis.

Last week, on Tuesday, he had a really bad day. Angry Husband had to meet with the school’s Director after school. I also met with her the next morning. She told me that Angry Toddler was on the verge of getting kicked out of school. This woman would not help me with when the biting was happening, where it was happening, or if it was always the same kid. I was quite frustrated. I wanted to know why my little boy was being soo aggressive. He is not like this at home.

I think the RUDE Director realized that we were not going to give into her. They really worked with Angry Toddler on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. His behavior had gotten better and he realized that biting was bad.

Unfortunately, AT got bitten on Friday by another little boy. Just because the kids were trying to look out the same window. Apparently, AT told the little boy that “Biting is bad, and you don’t bite.”. I know that this little boy is one of AT’s problems at school. The teacher advised me that they were going to have a meeting with the other kid’s parents.

I’m soo frustrated and stressed out because of this situation. I know AT is a good kid. I know that other kid’s behavior is having an influence on him. I’m glad that his teachers are working with him. As I’ve told my friends, they can kick him out, but really another Angry Toddler is going to come along right after him. They will always be dealing with this in the 2-3 year old room.

Hopefully, Angry Toddler will grow out of this stage soon. Cause literally, every preschool in the area is FULL!