Friday was a Good Mail Day!

What is a good mail day? It’s a day when goodies and packages come in the mail. I got two packages that I was waiting for. I received my Amazon order and an Endless order.

In my Amazon order, I received the following books:

falling out of fashion
Someday My Prince Will Come
shoe addicts Anonymous

I found all these books through various sources. I have a wish list on Amazon, which helps me keep track of the books I want to buy/read. I read about one book every week.

In my Endless order, I received two pairs of shoes for Angry Toddler. He just had another growth spurt and now wears a 9.5W. The kid won’t be 3 until May, eek. I love Endless because they have next day delivery for FREE.


I love you and I hate you -- all at the same time. :-)LOVE that Endless site and now I'm addicted. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.