Grocery Store…not my most favorite place

So I went to the grocery store yesterday..

If you know me well, enough…I HATE the grocery store. I get completely confused in there. I walk up and down the aisles, throwing shit in the cart. I never have a list. That would take too much planning to do that. But this time I had a list. I grab my cart, plop my purse down in the cart and dig for the nice little list that the husband so nicely e-mailed to me. Yes, e-mailed. I called him from work, he told me we needed groceries, and started spouting off what we need. I said, can you make a list and e-mail me.

So anyway, I look in the purse….NO LIST. Stupid Me. I realize that the list is either in the front seat of my car or its still in the printer tray at work. Do I walk back to my car to get said list. HECK NO! I slowly to try remember what’s on list….fruit, dog food, gatorade..

Then I went blank. I knew that there was stuff on the list that the husband wanted. I called the husband, “I said, oh I forgot the list. I asked what he wanted special from the store. He said nevermind.” Sigh, I could sense the “you forgot the list, how dumb are you, attitude.”

So I walk up and down the aisles like a zombie.. I have no clue what we need, really I could care less…

I finally approach the check out. I place my items on the belt, put the divider, grab a US Weekly, cause you know I want to find out about Anna Nicole’s baby. The clerks are bagging my groceries. Then I look in the cart, I see that my milk is not in a bag. They do this every time. WHY? Is this a new grocery store trend. Yea, I want a gallon container of milk dripping with condensation all over my leather seats in my car. Ugh no thanks!! I say, can I get a bag for my milk. They look at me, like I’m an alien. They finally bag my milk.

I then push the cart towards my car. I throw all the bags in the back, around the huge stroller. I get in and go home.

Ahh yes, I survived the grocery store. I would rather go to the dentist than the grocery store.